Shanghai dragon also play grassroots grassroots webmaster


but as a matter of fact, the competition in today’s society, as long as you missed a little traffic, may be less of a most of the traffic. Because sharing is too strong. I >

give up because of what the webmaster website? I see a lot of posts, most of which involve the difficulty of optimization promotion, love Shanghai, hit the mobile terminal too large. In this I as a webmaster about their own play.

love the face of Shanghai to fight, some owners give up because of others, think what they want to hear important news to fight, but speak just some Wurenzidi half a bucket of water. In 2010 when I played Wainian, because my site traffic is very general, advertising costs are not enough to make me leisure. In fact I know seQ network (47) is the largest site of short-term income. But the heart knows the blow is too big, not only a push optimization. So give up this idea. In fact, love is what Shanghai fight? False, fraud, involving several issued law, 47, political sensitivity, policy resistance etc.. Gambling, health and people’s livelihood increased in recent years. Because these are around a moral problem. What is the relationship with health? In the medical field a little understanding knows, because the policy support medical, improve students, so the strict medical catch, fight off a majority of false fraud. Because many owners are engaged in medical devices, even give up. In fact, as long as you have deleted the contents of fraud. Even if you do not optimize, also ranked not bad. To optimize, optimize the update ranking will go up. Against every reform, are critical, opportunities and threats of sharing, as long as you can catch the key, can make achievements.

brother Bucai, as a webmaster has been 4 years, the site is far less than that of A5. We estimate 10 years to catch up with A5, but I didn’t take this as a webmaster work hard work. Your web site keywords inherent that has been formed, the rest of the time only occasionally updated content, released some information, as I have now put the article to A5 but not in their website issued.

has been placed great expectations to replace the PC side of B2C or C2C, but slowly but could not escape the fate of micro-blog, micro-blog once can see their friends because if something has caused a series of topics, in the latter part of WeChat but because non friends see your WeChat too many restrictions, this there are a series of problems to the public account, is very difficult to meet the customer experience or convenience, of course there is one point I feel very difficult to accept is that the screen is too small, I want to see is not intuitive. Slowly flow or return to PC, while the mobile terminal a treasure is very convenient, but the main flow or from the PC side, that is to say, the website does not go to the point of decline.

actually, I think, even the iron man technology is so advanced, he needs to carry out a series of operations to use computer, mobile phone is not simple. So webmaster give up website is the vision too far, or too short.

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