The formation of the Shanghai dragon team to share practical experience for a year

1. soft writing ability.

(a) Shanghai dragon editor.

environment, contents of "construction" has taken a very important position, therefore, the responsibility of the editor of Shanghai dragon is more and more big, on the other hand, Shanghai Longfeng editing quality, determines the site quality of the rankings, website ranking is good or bad, also determines the development team.

, Shanghai dragon team or studio, how to choose the suitable team members of the

at first, I am also a person, a member of the team is an increase, no blowout development, I think the earth is more important than what, especially early start. Wait until the business growth to pay another member wages, can sell, looking for a suitable for their own team members into. The selection criteria are: first, poor money. Second, there is a heart of entrepreneurship. Third, like me, down-to-earth work. The three indispensable. Why do we need other money? Money is to fight, if two rich generation to do Shanghai dragon, do you think he will bear character to follow the prescribed order work? At the same time, the team is the entrepreneurial team, then member has a heart of entrepreneurship, regardless of the future is willing to follow the team to go, and now must the development team. Entrepreneur’s heart is surging, but need to start work, get down.

requirements: soft writing ability + content page optimization

from March last year to form a Shanghai dragon team up to now has been a year of time, along the way, I still firmly Dangdang, poineering road without the brilliant achievements of others, nor did they stumble, I love the stability and development, more down-to-earth love. Today, A5 would like to use this platform to share the experiences and lessons of the formation of Shanghai dragon team, bring me the business on the road to help return A5.

anyone to start a business, will not have too much money and experience, there will be no more the ability of team management, so this time, we need to play multiple roles, although tired, but must master a lot of skills and experience. For example, customer service, and the ability to maintain old customers to order; enhance the ability of writing and editing, writing program; the chain Commissioner, this can hone patience, steady quality and so on.

really want to control a Shanghai dragon team, there must be a clear division of labor, and for each position to familiar enough. Below I talk about some understanding of their position and requirements of Shanghai dragon.

How many people in the end

bluntly said: "no writing ability is not good editing, editing, editing is unworthy!" Shanghai dragon editor before they must exercise their writing skills, preferably with their soft masterpiece, this can be responsible for the team in Shanghai.

Now the search engine in ?

two, Shanghai dragon team members.

The work breakdown details of

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