B2C free shipping note 1 years after the collapse of the Jingdong small business charges

: now it’s more like a conspiracy to look back a year ago on B2C’s free shipping competition. A year later, B2C small and medium-sized enterprises are miserable free shipping regulations in tow. At this point, the gradual expansion of the Jingdong has played the banner of fine operation, the introduction of small commodity charges. As it seems, China’s electricity supplier mall has formed giant hegemony, rolling the pattern of small electricity supplier. Where is the living space for small and medium B2C?

technology Tencent (Lei Jianping) Zhuangao December 2nd news, Jingdong to order 39 yuan fee incident continued to lead the industry on the electricity supplier logistics. Kuba CEO Wang Zhiquan

said that the high cost of electricity providers, who want to charge logistics orders, but because of the price war, who are not willing to take the lead to get rid of the curse of the freight, the final industry into a vicious circle.

insiders also pointed out that the long term unconditional free shipping is not a long-term mainstream, at this stage it is better for B2C enterprise users and order optimization, reduce the low order or user, do some fine operation.

full range of free shipping was a means of dragging the dead opponents Jingdong

actually, a year ago the free shipping is not the electricity supplier industry norm, it only is Dangdang and Amazon China cross free shipping, with the Jingdong reached the spoiler rules began to change.

informed sources, in November last year, Jingdong book business line, Jingdong has been involved in the book on the grounds that the audience free of charge disputes, the reason is that the book itself is meager profit. Once the free shipping is likely to be only book margin will be a loss. In the unit price book 25 dollars, for example, free shipping, subscribe to two yuan, Dangdang book can earn $5, the average earn 10 dollars on the two books.

Jingdong ultimate books free shipping, and decided finalized by the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong. Jingdong books free shipping for books as against competitors in the category, if established to set the threshold, is not conducive to the growth of Jingdong in the book business, and free shipping Dangdang and Amazon books, more uncomfortable, undoubtedly the opponent a lot of profit erosion.

on the other hand, the user to the Jingdong to buy the product, if the 3C and other products free of charge, only charge for the collection of books, to enhance the user experience is not good, Jingdong book free shipping is also the way down. Jingdong adhere to the free shipping, Dangdang, Amazon also Chinese the original temporary audience not resigned to playing second fiddle, free shipping strategy time prolonged, and the three major B2C website of the free shipping squeeze a lot of small invisible B2C space, the small and medium-sized B2C had to follow, eventually became the industry standard of service.

with books and merchandise sales increase, the Jingdong price dropped significantly, 2007 to IT category, the price more than 1 thousand yuan in 2009, the price dropped to 850 yuan, the year is 820 yuan, in 2010 dropped to 650 yuan to 700 yuan, down 400 yuan this year.


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