The website is the specific performance of K and the causes

3, Pr decreased


5, the home page is K

snapshot not update

content. Release the contents of the article and your site theme is irrelevant.

1, love Shanghai Links optimization of requirement is very high, the noble baby also value the website Links. You can go to find the website optimization is the Links exchange notes.

> I hope we learn together! 2,

after several big storm, various sites are dangerous to be right down, and there are a lot of the site has been K, saying this, many people still do not know the site is a concrete manifestation of what K? I first introduced specific site specific performance of K, and how to deal with the site is K to do an analysis! In fact, I am also because of the recent electromagnetic valve website keywords ranking drop, some unable to check some relevant information, in the consolidation on the basis of their own to make it more perfect. Adding the trimmings to you to Shanghai dragon ER!


if you are not careful, there will be a web site is K or drop right.

2, the web site is included by

: what is caused by the second site is the cause of K

4, easily revised. When we just got a website will find the site layout is not satisfied, when after a period of operation, to change, but this time the search engine is frequent to your site, suddenly one day to find the site’s internal results become chaos, so long, the search engine that your site is not stable. You will be on your site to monitor. If you are correcting it, must not be able to change the path of the original URL.


6, the search engine algorithm change.


7, and you do Links site is K, may also lead to your site by K.

as long as you website more than any kind of situation, you have to pay attention to, even if it is not K, in the assessment of your

5, the server is not stable.

first: the site is K specific performance:

1, keywords ranking drop, and ZhengZhan appear like this, just like my keywords: solenoid valve, solenoid valve, valve working principle, China solenoid valve two days before the keyword ranking slipped to can not see! After two days of hard work, a little bit back up

3, the website title and keywords too frequently. Some people in order to enhance the snapshot speed, keywords change frequently, perhaps will change the keywords to achieve a certain effect, but when your keywords or title too frequently will lead to the search engine think your site is not stable, your site will be included in the assessment period. If you continue to change the keywords will lead to drop right that is K.

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