The webmaster information station counter attack grassroots webmaster must Hold


audience base has a very stable and rising reading crowd, which makes many owners have no scruples when building the webmaster forum, because there is a market, there are people, so I stand up marketing will be very easy, in addition, if the webmaster information has a certain foundation, then the profit up it is fairly easy. Just look at why, A5, Shanghai Longfeng electric grid and chianz we know webmaster information is very popular, why, for three reasons:

With the development of

business owners, their derivatives have also been many grassroots webmaster welcome, compared to the Shanghai dragon training, optimization tutorial, Wangzhuan tutorial, website information website or forum has become a meat and potatoes, I sent this feeling the direct reason is very simple, because yesterday saw two of the entertainment blog, click the domain name in a webmaster community, even one of them was to imitate the A5 master station construction, then what is the reason causing the most grassroots webmaster information have switched to

webmaster information coverage groups is very wide, not only is the business web site, for some network marketing needs of the enterprise is quite attractive, not only that the webmaster information content theme related to the Internet, mobile Internet card, which for some love IT or is engaged in the technology industry is an excellent place to friends the data obtained, so webmaster information station is favored by advertisers.

Since the

followed by a successful webmaster information for marketing force is great, as now why A5 there are so many webmaster welcome, because we A5 to write an article on the high quality of the moment will get high attention and the number of the chain, this advantage also makes high weight webmaster information firmly to seize the user’s psychology.

marketing, the main business to each other mutual alienation, do not say to you who kill themselves, but to find a mountain king, the difference of development and marketing point, like nowadays known as the webmaster information of A5 and Chinaz, although both for the owners of an industry, but the main business and the marketing focus is not on one level, that is to say A>

webmaster information site is so popular, you want a piece of the friend must not in the minority, so webmaster information website is also experiencing content homogenization, marketing weakness and poor development dilemma, so as the capital, people and technology are the lack of grassroots webmaster, what should we do to let yourself take the initiative in the webmaster information site management.

the last point is the webmaster information station and other information site is the main characteristic, so advertisers in this advertising, the conversion rate will be very high, because the webmaster information see article friends are network practitioners, selling virtual host, to their IDC, advertising alliance evaluation service apparently, they were the appetite, the volume would not worry about.

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