What are the opportunities in the field of mobile search can help users to solve problems

mobile search in the early development of the market, what kind of model to allow consumers to experience and not fully formed, but this does not affect the major operators and Internet search giant this frenzy. In December 21, 2013, the search giant love Shanghai, "in 2013 to win the era of search engine marketing conference" conference, love Shanghai mobile product manager Luo Xujian disclosed for the first time, for the majority of owners to join together to optimize mobile search resources, accelerate the upgrading of the user experience of mobile search, love Shanghai opened a "canoe" plan, Shanghai’s move towards love a key step in the mobile search market, have a great impact on the entire mobile search industry. With the gradual increase of the mobile search market share, many large websites and Internet businesses are also involved in this rapid development of "Feng Shui", such as: 360, search, Sogou search engine model, also out of water, to seize market share. But to make it clear that in the mobile search integrated search service does not require the development of the market, because there is love like Google, Shanghai integrated such search, and the market share is very high. The enterprise should pay more attention to the development of mobile characteristics, classification, specialized search services, the only way to seize the mobile search market opportunities.

development of mobile search is still in the early exploration direction in China, the major Internet giants are to meet the needs of customers. Users and consumers is not limited to find some facts or news related with mobile search, but pay more attention to the rapid and simple search method to solve the problems or in the case of mobile end search. At present, mobile search users search results including a lot of PC page, the user can only rely on themselves to their own needs screening results. To solve these problems, the enterprises and the webmaster should focus on the development of the mobile station to determine their direction and focus, optimize the mobile station and mobile search strategy for future long-term based mobile search market laid the foundation.

according to the DCCI analysis of mobile search engine user behavior data, voice search, personalized search, visual search, information search and other aspects of consumer services will become mobile.

DCCI report data shows that users use market penetration of mobile search service through a mobile browser, up to 88.26%; direct calls to mobile search mobile search APP using the proportion of users has reached 66.6%, surpassing popular instant messaging applications and mobile social networking applications. As can be imagined, the future of the mobile Internet market is undoubtedly the fastest growing mobile search market.

if you put the network market to the bottle, the Internet is full of stones, bottles of stone, but also into the sand, the mobile network like sand. With the development of 4G network, customers and consumers in the mobile network technology is a low tolerance, bring greater development space for the development of mobile Internet, mobile search has become the most potential market search.


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