The moment to reflect on four problems of easy construction outside the chain of high quality do not

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blog, forum, quiz and classification of information account you do for the record? Can fill the information you have filled in? Some blogs and forums can add Links you add? You are not at a certain time in my blog updates? Do you often go to Shanghai know, Search ask love answer a question? If you only know blog construction article to other people’s blogs around, you send the message? Classification information frequently, a number of days, what weight high? When the forum replies is not added signature? Replies intention is not back in


you might say that some people, I these four aspects are doing very well, every day to spend a lot of time doing these things. Maybe you really hard in these aspects, also very good, but here I want to ask you a question: the four aspects of the basic work you do

these basic work, here I think > temporarily


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. I remember I wrote an article "you can easily do the four aspects of the construction of the high quality chain", mainly from the number of links, links display rate, link correlation and link popularity four aspects to discuss several issues to the attention of the construction of the chain of high quality. Today I’ll give you some of my experience about the construction of the chain.

is the most basic work chain cannot escape from the four aspects, we also have been doing a lot of people. The most basic four aspects are: A, blog. B, Q & A. C, forum. D, classification of information.

recently heard "the chain for emperor" this sentence has become obsolete, because of the recent love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, reduces the weight of the chain, the chain is not so important, we should make great efforts to do the chain. Here is my personal negative view, because no matter how to reduce the weight of the love of Shanghai outside of the chain, the chain is still a very important link in the process of website optimization. A website has more chain, but also the high quality of the chain, the site’s ranking will be in front, the flow will definitely enhance the easier it is to optimize the affirmation. Therefore, the construction of the chain is still our optimization priority among priorities in the work. So how to build the high quality of the chain? I do with the experiences of the chain is summarized in the following four questions, and according to these four questions to reflect on their own shortcomings, continue to make up, continuous improvement.

The basic work of

no matter what the most basic work, must do. As we all know, a building must have a solid foundation, we can let it touch the sky, can let it not stand. Website optimization is the same, must do the most basic work. The construction of the chain is the basic work site optimization, we must do a good job. But all the basic work for the construction of the chain is not a good idea? To introduce below, in the chain before you need to do what.

1, the construction of the chain you do

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