The YAHOO chain closed but open chain search

chain is basically Shanghai Longfeng researchers think the most influence keywords ranking, since last year, YAHOO does not provide a site outside the chain query, let many webmaster have a depressed. Because it has been since the YAHOO chain is more accurate, like Google, Bing, Sogou is not provided outside the chain query. The related domain query provides very accurate love Shanghai. As we do in Shanghai Longfeng people basically is to query the chain chain YAHOO prevail. A sudden shut down, it’s like we lost my eyes like foreign chain. According to the chain of competitors to develop chain accurate release plan, it is a trouble for Shanghai dragon is. When we used to believe that most find the chain is also a reference to YAHOO, but not now, so many Shanghai dragon Er has produced some confusion, but today there is a good news to tell you, you open the chain, and is more accurate.

although the chain inquires soso open, but still more than that of YAHOO, because the chain can only provide pure search query query. And unlike YAHOO, even some of the anchor text chain can query. According to the comparison of this time before many websites (including several websites operating over my own). In the chain query provided by soso but it is still very accurate and reliable than the love of Shanghai chain query command domain to check out. Very low love Shanghai inquiry instruction domain often check out the accuracy of the data, we often not the URL of the domain name in the query results. On a website data as an example, we look at this picture


you see, those are some things out of order, included is also love Shanghai instruction domain. This causes the data is not accurate. No matter is the analysis of the chain, the chain is still looking for a big obstacle. Also let some new Shanghai Dragon Staff doubts, when I was a new station, I did not send any of the chain, how my website will have hundreds of the chain, in fact, those who are not your site outside the chain.

now search open link chain query, the data precision more than the love of Shanghai. Basically as long as you can chain to the query in soso link instruction is under the effective, of course that is effective to search the search engine, only the love of Shanghai is a reference. In fact, the chain was not only the YAHOO query is certain reference function to the Shanghai love? Some of my personal experience, the chain can actually search query to the sufficient reference to love Shanghai. Now the search index is not much worse than falling in love with the sea, so these data provide search already can for our reference to the Shanghai dragon er. We can find the competitors in what site on the chain, the total number of effective external links, we can formulate precise beyond rivals chain plan. >


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