What are the features of long tail keywords


is the core keywords, when users search does not really want to find the literal meaning of this word, for example, users search the word "car", is likely to want to buy a car, there may be looking for accessories, may also have to understand the market, but because of the long tail words long, for users to search words are relatively easy to judge true intentions. So the search target is relatively accurate.

five, the target more accurate



may be a two day search, may also have the word within 1 years only search a larger, especially the long tail word length, even within a few years can only be a search, so the search frequency of its great instability.

seven, by a few words.



of each industry, each keyword, if seriously to mining, according to the properties, uses, hobbies and other segments of the words, there will be large quantities of long tail available to us. We can think of, can also use tools to realize.

conversion rate higher

is a long tail, determines the impossible as target keywords as every day search volume big, sometimes more like the long tail word of a person’s thinking, everyone’s thinking is different, or at different time to consider the same problem search words will be different, so it was decided that the search volume is small.


The word


two, the search frequency instability

, four words infinite




long tail keywords: what do you mean? For example: Xi’an Shanghai dragon the dragon station, which is Xi’an content keyword keyword ranking, then the "Xi’an keyword ranking" is the word long tail keywords. A website, target keywords bring traffic to the vast majority of the total search, long tail traffic accounted for a very small part, but if you always pay attention to do long tail keywords, the amount of customers brought by the long tail keywords is great.


mainly from two aspects, one is the core keywords, long tail is so little competition; two of these words is theoretically infinite, a huge number, also decided not to may be completely covered.

If The method steps

three, the degree of competition of small

, a search for a very small amount of

search precision target determines a higher conversion rate. For example, a user searches for intelligent mobile phone quality which website the best and cheapest "this super long term, it could be a plan to buy a mobile phone, or at least is actively looking for information, is a potential customer. And if only search "mobile phone", then it is very difficult to judge his intentions, maybe the user to download mobile phone theme.


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