What is the real Shanghai Dragon don’t say you don’t know

One day, >

. Too many people think only Shanghai Longfeng website ranking, but they do not know what ranking is only one aspect of the Shanghai dragon. The theme of the site planning, determine the site construction, site selection, program selection, space and domain name server selection, believe that these aspects do not say we all know that have a big impact on Shanghai dragon.

"Oh, learn to do Shanghai dragon"

now is everywhere online personal and service of Shanghai dragon. One day a customer, "Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon not by cheating to improve website rankings? Do not need such people and services."

"Shanghai dragon? Well, the annual salary of

day met a friend asked me: "what do recently? Where mixed


"is the search engine optimization

Mianyang Shanghai dragon to tell you what is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not what the new thinking of the money and services, or what is a shortcut to success and wealth. It covers the following aspects, I hope you understand Shanghai dragon help.


Shanghai dragon is cheating? Please answer me!

Choose the right to carry out site planning

I don’t want to explain too much, "the flood" has been almost in today’s Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to find their own partners is a first problem (whether they understand the true meaning and scope of the Shanghai dragon).

In 2010

I did react, t understand what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon. The original uncle did not understand the Shanghai dragon. Just feel shy asked.

: the first choice of content

content choice is the double selection of station before and after building the choice of what kind of website content update, this search engine optimization plays the most important role. The original content, and theme related content, to attract Internet users and content in the keyword after building density, content structure and content, which are now known for content selection to be optimized, to understand the search engine is uncertain.


I replied: "do, do Shanghai dragon!" a friend asked: "what is Shanghai dragon?"

, if the Internet do not know what is the Shanghai dragon? How to find the information you want? "After all how to use my search engine" is to have the knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

!"I’m not saying

"love Shanghai? What department work? Can

met a uncle, before work is the boss, then greet each other and asked me: "where are

second: site planning

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