6 let love Shanghai easy website method

in May 31st, after the bottle has published how to make a love Shanghai not to patronize the website of the second, and many of my friends have asked the bottle, how their website love Shanghai not included? This problem involves many aspects, then put the bottle to share their views:

1, the new site structure, title structure, all right, love is not included in Shanghai. Man does not love the bottle to submit sites, because search engines let active included your website is the best, but also can not be too passive, can be connected with the love of Shanghai products website or PR high place to send a link, let love to climb along the Shanghai link on our website.

2, the content of low quality. Here is the original low quality and low around the theme is not clear. If you have already sent outside the chain, but the love of Shanghai is not included, it would have to check their own problems, the original content is enough? If the copy paste fits, it would have to look at a lot of love in Shanghai included and you the same article. If you also like the music website like a revolving door, the content is very complex, the interview work experience, feel what things are out of order. It needs the whole article content changes, to modify the content according to the theme of the site.

server access is poor, even if it is not included in what use, in addition to inspect the same server have what website is K. This is the problem of the bottle in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, here is not to speak in detail.

After 6

4, in addition to check the domain name is registered or the old domain name, if is the old name, before is not had a bad discipline, you’d better use the new domain name Shuangpin domain name, so it is easy to included. The bottle has a smart home website, the domain name is the 3 word in pinyin, the title for two weeks, then half of the chain are not out, but this kind of update Monday.

5, if

, love Shanghai to climb around, it would need to write a robot file, so that you don’t have to fall in love with the sea like a fly without head running around, take the automatic door music website commentary, this website is PHP, then put the bottle PHP file will not let search the engine is a search engine to crawl, climb up the static pages on the line. To reduce the workload of the search engine, can achieve a win-win.

hope you can continue to pay attention to the bottle, the bottle (qq:45970604) will continue to share their experience with you. Welcome to reprint, please keep the link, thank you for your cooperation.

3, if the

was included, and included the correction, correction and even home to no words, it should be from the server, the website structure and content, the chain to carefully check the. Only to find out the website itself, we can achieve collection, even seconds after all, each site is not the same as the.

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