2012 new year with heart to Shanghai Dragon

has been in the past, we ushered in the new development of 2012, hope every webmaster can be better in the new year. The new year with "heart" to Shanghai dragon, the search engine optimization work to extricate from the heavy manual labor.

we released the chain is in fact a process simulation of active user recommendation site, in fact, to search engine, the chain is meant to understand website user of the website to recommend. Whether it is linked to the species diversity, the correlation is to simulate the process of natural users sharing sites, when we talk about Adsense intermediary transactions we will naturally think of Admin5, we could recommend it and will provide the URL, which forms a recommendation, also is an import link Admin5. Natural recommended by the real data, the link has natural diversity and correlation.

good user experience

The use of

in the conversion rate, must have a clear grasp of user access to the site through the track, track a user’s browser to set appropriate and attractive guidance in the specific page (image ads, links etc.) the drainage entrance, let the right users enter the appropriate page, this test to the site management and production of fine Kung Fu work hard, work hard and stick will have effect.

with the chain of Shanghai Dragon Property released rise, more and more non natural website links appear on the Internet, the user is not recommended. The initiative seriously affected the search engine on the website of the judgment, especially for small and medium-sized site this phenomenon in the absence of the formation of brand effect. Therefore, the search engine will rank algorithm into a more intelligent adjustment, intelligent program is still relatively far away, but through social.

users to do search engine optimization

we do Shanghai dragon is not the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon itself does not bring to the site too much value, transforming more value from the user. Whether advertising click conversion or user value to dig into, Shanghai dragon is a import media, only Shanghai dragon and give up the conversion rate is undoubtedly have the order reversed. The user experience is not an empty word, the whole model of the site, to a small icon website, let users love the site, users can more easily read website.

In 2011,

attaches great importance to social relations play in the website optimization

how to use the Digg website? Back to the above mentioned user experience, make the brand effect? In fact, not all, we should guide the user recommended websites in the web page, and set some incentives or hold some activities, allow users to take the initiative to recommend sites in other sites. For example, in the apparent position of website provide sharing quick buttons, providing incentives, promotion link website delivers held recommended reward activities, regardless of what users recommend a website, passing through the link weights, the overall weight of the final web site will receive good results.

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