Jingdong large operations center in Weifang to cover rural areas


] April 27th news billion state power network, billion state power network learned before the Jingdong announced that the Jingdong of Weifang large mall operations center on April 20, 2015 formal operations, distribution has been able to achieve all of Weifang township (including rural) full coverage.

figure for Jingdong operations center

It is reported that

, Kuiwei District, Weifang Weicheng District, has opened a limit of 211 services (11:00 in the morning before the submission of spot orders, delivery day), to achieve the next day the rest of Weifang City three district (Fangzi District, Hanting District, high tech Zone), and gradually promote the "211" process.

at present, the service is only for the distribution of large household goods Jingdong appliances, support for online payment, cash on delivery, POS credit card, etc., in addition, can be provided in terms of after-sales pick up service.

Shandong Linyi City, Binzhou City, Dongying City, Zibo city to achieve the next day at the end of April, Weifang operations center under the jurisdiction of Shandong five city (Weifang City, Linyi City, Dongying City, Binzhou City, Zibo city will achieve full coverage of the township distribution).

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