The new line of Shanghai Longfeng optimization tutorial series two Operation

speaking in front of the new Shanghai dragon optimization preparations. When all the preparatory work done, we need to start the next operation. In fact, I believe that the Shanghai dragon optimization test is your ability and coping ability, after all in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, what kind of situations are likely to occur, you need the advance guard and the situation can be effectively treated by the unhurried, of course, most of the time, some can be avoided before don’t panic, the situation appeared due to negligence, combined with their own ability and thinking to rotate, step by step, it is easy to believe that you can get back. Then in the operation of new Shanghai dragon optimization, and how we should carry on the actual combat? Today I continue with second articles, new Shanghai dragon optimization operation, I believe that many owners are on this very interested.

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization requires a time, because the search engine for the new station although given fast included care, but will also give a corresponding assessment period, to determine whether this site is search engine included the page. However, if you just wait patiently for the assessment period and not to do with the operation, then the waiting period is infinite. Therefore, for new sites do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, need to take the initiative. But we lack the resources to get out, how to do? It is actually very simple, now many famous sites exist in the network, we have to do is stay these forces to play their own advantages. Commonly known as Shanghai dragon force leveraging type optimization. So how to borrow? First we can find good leveraging goals, pay attention to here, looking for leveraging the goal should be the biggest competitors, as their own force optimization. Then the analysis of the rival Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization, such as setting skills, the title of the layout of the keywords, domain name age, space access speed, inside chain settings, the frequent update and update speed, Links use the anchor text and so on, these are the important work we need to analysis the goal of leveraging. Let’s look at the second should from which aspects of force, this is the key to this principle is designed to win ". After the final analysis is finished, according to their analysis to patient adherence to. I believe that after the method of leveraging the power is the most effective immediately after analysis to perform, such as to find the opponent’s title set does not accord with search engine optimization guide in the standard setting, so we can refer to second competitors in the title of the set order to find out their common points and different points of view, how to set the maximum effect will be. Then find hard to perform, this is the most direct method to quickly catch up and surpass rivals.

, leveraging the Longfeng optimizationThe cumulative

new on-line operation in Shanghai dragon in the process of optimization, the author remind one, do not think of large, remember their new.

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