Case analysis of Shanghai love index data and the real number of visitors appear out of the reason

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since we found it a problem, we need to analyze why the real number of visitors will love Shanghai index data and the difference is so great. For the love of Shanghai index, we can define it by the Shanghai daily times this love search a keyword. According to the author’s experience, this data is often higher than the number of visitors to get real. So why did this happen? The author will briefly talk about love Shanghai index and real visitor data appear a few big difference reason.

2: search browsing and click on the difference of



but when we continue to rely on him for data analysis, if you find it there is a problem, is that you get a very high index of the word ranking first, the number of visitors is often through the word index but the obtained data be quite different. A site for example the author, have an index of about 255 words in the search results in the first place, but in fact the number of daily into my site through which a word is less than half, as shown below.

1: "nominal" search

The actual flow of

domestic sex optimization of Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai most love Shanghai index data when regarded as a key index. We will use this data mining for keywords, long tail word choice, the weights of the site analysis and so on, can be said to do the domestic love Shanghai Shanghai index optimization of the people has important significance.

nominal search refers to some search search but do not click on or turn to the back pages to click. Why is this? The main reason is the search results or the pages of search results and not the content they want. For example, if you are a local Beijing wholesale fruit wholesalers, one day you want to search the Beijing apple market, so you search for "Beijing apple price", but the search results may surprise you, the search results are likely to be Apple’s mobile phone accounts, and no real fruit apple price quotes. Because most of the search search objective is to have the apple mobile phone information, so you can’t find the apple fruit information. Of course, the reason of the index is high there may be some people search the word simply in order to see the rankings, do not click, the most obvious example is "area + Shanghai dragon" the keywords, keywords such as we do a "Beijing Shanghai dragon", the word index is about 400, but when the word your site row to the first page you will find no visitors through the word came in, the reason is that this word has many peers will search, but often no one will go to click.

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