Don’t be in love with Shanghai webmaster mistakes interfering with your strategy

loves Shanghai alone so many Chinese webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er live in the shadow of the day, dare not neglect the match up, only for the home and love as a space for one person, Shanghai Chinese’s biggest search engine, many webmaster was unable to give a sense of security, because of their own mistakes too much, often let the station of life the roller coaster in the rhythm, although love Shanghai mistakes let too much to handle your mistakes, but don’t be interference strategy to love Shanghai.

love Shanghai three mistakes, the same words, the same page occupy two different locations in the rankings, it can be said that this phenomenon is above second kinds of mistakes sequelae, do not know how many people notice that, since April, the establishment of Shanghai under the two love failure, when the key word ranking home in fact, the home is also involved in another position in the ranking, mean, search for the same word, the same page will have two rankings and snapshots are visible it is as like as two peas, love Shanghai fault.

still loves Shanghai fault, after this update, after further confirmed that this love Shanghai has been stable, you can go to check your site, so, I write this article as to their own smoked a slap in the face, so that summary updates love Shanghai well, we all know that love Shanghai on Friday updated many snapshots of the number is 5.2, there are 5.6, if often return, should not be the number 5.2, at least 5.6, 5.2, the snapshot of the situation is not a website no more new reasons, what is probably the only reason love Shanghai know, and on Friday the updated keyword ranking is not updated, update ranking is that the morning afternoon hours, ranking website, so love Shanghai today’s update can be said to be in love with The sea on the last update error adjustment, this update is mainly for keywords ranking adjustment, because according to the normal update, today is Tuesday, the day should not be, no matter how I’m sure love Shanghai now is stable, this is everybody should be happy.

love Shanghai failure, keywords ranking a refresh of a kind, a lot of people have found this problem, different browser query keywords ranking is not the same, the query keyword ranking, refresh once a sample, this may be Cookies, but does not rule out the problem itself is in love with the sea.

love Shanghai error two, keyword ranking take you to ride the roller coaster, April is particularly obvious, but many old station 5, 6 years in subverting the love Shanghai, the situation is this: it would have been ranked in good standing overnight and next weekly update when the morning is still ranked in the afternoon, and this situation has disappeared for a month, but today was updated, many ranking has been restored, do not know how long to maintain.

last month love Shanghai mistakes in particular, below I will illustrate:

after the love song of Shanghai, I have two guesses, first.

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