Analysis of Shanghai dragon’s five criteria optimization

The structure of

, the first five criteria for the

search engine ranking principle causes very worthy of our study is that people see in the search results is the most likely time according to the ranking of search results back to search to search information, which is also the director of Shanghai Longfeng work to the state can make our web site as far as possible in the front row.

4, the website for search engine

Shanghai Longfeng nature optimization task is to improve the site traffic, but in general, the search engine is more on the website, the more finalists are selected, so the Shanghai dragon director is necessary to understand search engine placement order.

so, when do Shanghai Longfeng work, these standards and related matters must be a clear understanding, so as to bring a better optimization effect, enhance the site’s ranking.

not only use keywords in the body of the embedding is very important, and the use of key words is very important in programming language, but the words in the programming language used is often English, and embedded in the body of the key words basically have to follow several principles, that is the first paragraph of two or three time end time again, and finally to the website backstage set keyword label also appears two or three times.

flow characteristics of

effect on search weight

articles are easy to Baixun original, reproduced please specify.

search engine in a lot of time are in accordance with the characteristics of the page to judge the quality of website, so the search engine for the page "taste" will become an important indicator of

The structure of

, the 1 page searchThe

search engine there is a more flow more easily included features such as the search engine, and push in the buffeting, hits a site will double the growth, benign end this is the website of the Matthew effect.


website is using the vocabulary characteristics and distribution planning and design and construction process refers to the website of the programming language, a good site construction personnel will be embedded in a large number of search words in the software programming process, and can be linked with the website key file, directly into the search site ranking.

engine search result sortingThe use of

second, Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the main tool is the keyword

website ranking property and the characteristics of 3, the domain name

a good domain name is a strong attraction for the search engine, after all the search engine for a simple domain name for the close connection with the industry characteristics of the domain name is also very care, this also from another point of view that the Shanghai dragon spirit will run through a web of life always this statement.

2 siteThe

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