Do website ranking optimization is the key bottleneck of rocket breakthrough

how can let the website ranking can get on the rocket? The chain and content optimization mentioned above is only the foundation work, in addition to these basic work well, it needs a fuse, will appear similar to the concept of stock speculation, timely adjust and optimize fully at the bottom. But if there is not a concept to stimulate the main thrust, then the stock is not easy to rise, so to increase website ranking but also need to break through the bottleneck of optimization, which can be from the following three aspects.

third to do stand outside the optimization for long tail keywords, long tail keywords are generally and the column page, content page combination, so in love with the sea to search these words, are these long tail keywords, from the user’s point of view, only the long tail keywords may enhance the search accuracy and reduce the search time. In doing so, when the content of the page, going through the empathy to refine and improve the long tail keywords, long tail off.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization staff expect the most is to let the site’s ranking rising, actually rose like most website ranking and the stock market, at the bottom of constant adjustment, looks like the website rankings without any color, but if you seriously do well site outside the chain and content construction, and website optimization framework, you will find the website ranking as the main suddenly pulled up, showing a rocket up let the price trend, corresponding to this is the site of the rankings show upward trend of rocket ranking.

The first

second to optimize the long tail keywords, long tail keywords is currently small and medium-sized website ranking breakthrough bottleneck, the key to the increase of traffic to the site, when the site content included is insufficient, how to quickly increase web site, a large range of acquisition is obviously not the right way, but should be made on the topic of the page, the page can not only enrich the website project the content, but also to enhance the brand and the quality of the site, more critical is the topic often and long tail keywords are fused, thus can effectively improve the long tail key word ranking, at this time can also link to these pages within the page, and the import by external links, through the optimization of inside and outside at the same time the model allows the website is increasing.

should pay attention to the analysis of the defect of the current web site if the site content and structure can’t be picky, you can also analyze the web through some webmaster tools, do not underestimate these analysis, this is actually the key to find the breakthrough point of the website optimization, collected, first look at the site in general, if the site the number included less than 10 thousand, so we should pay attention to increase the content of construction at the same time, increase the content of the site included, only the number included more long tail keywords and exposure rate will be higher, but in the actual process of optimization, there have been more than 500 thousand sites included the number, but the flow is relatively low, this phenomenon not much is the website structure and competition, which is the key to breakthrough.

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