How long have the core competitive enterprises can also support two dimensional code

I’ll check the

first, even the two dimensional code field of well-known enterprises, but also did not form a true giant user group. Because the number of figures are not actual users of their propaganda, but the mobile phone software in Android and app store downloads.

now the two-dimensional code does fire, enter the two-dimensional code industry company has reached hundreds. The two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code of fire, fire? We have 2 famous enterprises in the two-dimensional code, I look up and look up to present snapshots smart, two-dimensional code company.

two-dimensional code itself as an open-source technology, technical threshold is not too much. The two-dimensional code itself is not the core, and the ability to design two-dimensional code behind the application research and development capabilities and industry solutions is the core.

, the snapshot is representative of the many two-dimensional code, they did not like WeChat really have a huge user base, as system integrators have such a strong end of industry solutions and software development capabilities. The corollary is to find their own core competitiveness. >

?I see

claims to have 50 million users, 30 million of users said they snapshots smart. In Chinese is currently the only 300 million intelligent mobile phone users, they really have so many users? Even if they turn to so many users, can form the logical profit model of

second, even accumulated a huge amount of users, in the two-dimensional code field, can form a real business model


snapshots smart is the first positioning, the development of client users, then try to do solutions, now began to do marketing investment, business direction for more than a year adjusted two times, so confused, almost no profitability.

I look up to

and I look up, this is clearly not the snapshot such mobile Internet Co’s strengths, but some well-known software development company in the home. These software companies have deep accumulation in their respective industries, the formation of barriers is not a two-dimensional code that can break the company an easy job to do. Now the software system integrators have been involved in the field of two-dimensional code, once the force, will have a huge impact on the existing two-dimensional code company.

app according to the general rule, 100 downloads, real active users accounted for only 10%. With the passage of time, these 10% users are gradually lost, need to continue to use the new users to add. Therefore, no matter I check or snapshots smart active users, at best millions, far from being like WeChat millions of level huge user group. Therefore, rely on a large number of users, and then have accumulated profit model can’t become routine.

actively expand the line database resources, willing to spend a lot of manpower acquisition retail data; in addition access to electricity supplier database, by guiding shopping bring pumped into, but these have been verified is an utterly inadequate measure, do not have sufficient profitability.

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