Have ikufumi how to find the keywords conversion rate

in Shanghai dragon in order to make their keywords bring more benefits. Some webmaster friends one day traffic but not tens of thousands of, to bring their own conversion, not to bring their own income, can only be said to be Bai Huanxi! Some Adsense website one day only 10 a few IP, became a single, but quite a lot of money income. I believe many of my friends have their own website conversion rate and tangled! Today we talk about for a better understanding of this.

In order to

first is the choice of some popular keywords, I believe that many webmaster friends like me very greedy, always staring at those very high flow word does not put. Once the logistics two words do the home page, but I think the real needs of not only the input of these two words, from the crowd attributes can see, will lose the words are the counterparts in the Shanghai dragon, the real demand for this is certainly some long tail keywords, the longer the conversion rate in general it is, for example: his mobile phone to change, can input: "what brand of mobile phone?", "what brand of mobile phone cheap" etc.. Certainly not to lose two words of the mobile phone.


conversion rate, we should look at the long tail keywords, the first reaction which we make products website, service website! Of course I think it started to find tools such as love! Love Shanghai Shanghai index tools, related search, Google keyword analysis tools, Shanghai dragon WordNet chase, chase WordNet I think is a good tool, he can see the long tail keywords search times, keyword competition, if there is a VIP membership, it features even more! We only need to choose those search volume keywords, a small degree of competition, for a new sites is also easier to do go

of course we can not completely rely on their own feeling most probably it did not actually happen, to optimize the key words, such as: Beijing sound lease which is cheap, feel good, in fact, we have to analyze the ability to analyze data, use the data to speak, then we can look at the website backstage data statistics, a lot of words even that first day no flow, sometimes there is relationship between the keywords with the season, only a selection of a number of a number of optimization and delete, and then select a number, throughout the year are the key words, do not believe that the conversion rate of where to go! Sometimes we can also ask each other what is the input keywords to find us, we must don’t put the customer think so smart, "


I have a logistics website, for almost 1 years, but the conversion rate is relatively low, every day there are 500 IP or so, the enterprise website competition was very fierce bidding, coupled with the interference to love Shanghai, even if you put a hot key words do natural number one can’t come the number of traffic, because the love of Shanghai almost all bidding monopoly CLICK! So people feel their logistics site every day to up to 500 should be a fairly good IP, why every day of the phone and conversion rate of scanty

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