Online pharmacies selling prescription drugs to sell a single online payment by mail express

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lu Zhilin, intern Mo Baoqiong reported: ban the sale of prescription drugs has not been released, but many readers reflect, in fact there is no difficulty in buying prescription drugs online pharmacies, you can buy a phone. Is this really the case? Therefore, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter tried to buy prescription drugs in a number of large regular online pharmacies, found that although the shop in all prescription drugs under the state "of the drug prescription to buy" by the doctor, but through the telephone consultation that buy prescription drugs only need to transfer or by payment can be directly to the goods delivery, without intermediate to produce any prescription.

reporter survey –

online payment line express

In order to verify the

readers reflect what is true, the reporter randomly selected 4 domestic online pharmacies large-scale investigation to the staff consultation found that 4 online pharmacies are selling prescription drugs "business", "the process is quite similar:" not through the "add to cart" independent operation of purchase but, through a single artificial telephone service, online payment will be sent after the pharmacy prescription drugs, or you can direct cash on delivery, whole were not required to produce prescription.

in a company called "health off net" online pharmacies, the reporter points to open a logo Rx (prescription) "liver disease drug Adefovir Dipivoxil Tablets. In the drug on the page does not like other non prescription drugs, health products, as there will be a page below the purchase option, instead it is an online consultation options. After clicking, pop up a chat window, a customer said, "if you want to order, the receipt, name, address, mobile phone number here (chat window) sent, you apply for payment! Alipay, online banking, TenPay, WeChat wallet etc.. Registration will help you arrange the express delivery".

in an online pharmacy "Kang’ai", the reporter points to open the same treatment of hypertension drugs prescription Valsartan and Amlodipine Tablets. The page also does not have the option to buy, there is only a demand registration option, saying that this product is a prescription drug, after the successful booking, the drug store will show the results of the prescription audit initiative to contact you". Shortly after registration, there is a call from the customer service, said, this drug does not need to rely on a real prescription, pharmacists can be shipped after verification."

in the health of a network, seven Yue Kang and other online pharmacies, almost through the same process can easily buy prescription drugs.

drug response –

net sales of prescription drug illegal

last year, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a "Internet food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft)", does this mean that the Internet allows the sale of prescription drugs


yesterday, Guangdong province food and Drug Administration reply to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter said that the provisions of the "measures" the supervision and management of drug distribution, drug retail enterprises shall be in accordance with the requirements of the drug classification management, prescription sales of prescription drugs. Medicine >

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