A label to solve the problem of duplicate web content

贵族宝贝huxiu贵族宝贝/article/127421/1.html f=wangzhan

the above code into your web page, you can head, column page, content page needs to be placed, in addition to the above URL to replace your URL, if the content page requires a combination of the URL CMS label can call, here is ZBLOG WordPress written.

almost any of the site will encounter such a situation, through multiple URL can open the same page, for example not do 301 of the domain name, there are some websites need to record the source address, it will add a suffix in the URL, for example, when you open the so贵族宝贝 domain name, will automatically jump to the haosou贵族宝贝 the domain name suffix, but has more than one? Src=so贵族宝贝 things, the above situations lead to multiple sites like URL can open this page. Most sites have such a situation.

贵族宝贝huxiu贵族宝贝/article/127421/1.html f=index_top1

can be opened (the actual tiger sniffing the network more than three), we finally decided to let the love of Shanghai included and ranking page is certainly no suffix, but the search engines don’t know what you think, so that there may be three pages are included, may also lead to other pages weight than you expected page right important high, then the problem, repeat such a high degree of page, how do we avoid? We only need a label can be solved.

?The three page above

if your site does not appear accident theory plus the suffix is not much problem, but as a result of the chain, chain and other aspects, recommend a suffix too much, the website may be a suffix ", in addition to the original page will also be judged as a suffix. The page, such as the tiger sniffing network is a good case, the latest articles included page, URL is basically with the suffix. For example tiger sniffing the network following three forms URL suffix.

. In CMS system, edit the article_article.htm template file in h>

Methods using the canonical tag

Canonical is the major search engines (Google, YAHOO, Microsoft) a label with the joint launch of the main role, this label is to make web pages have a standardized, through different URL access content get the same problem, therefore launched this label to solve this problem, the label also love Shanghai the following is the description tag support.



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