Basic function search engine crawling and indexing and according to relevance and importance



search engine has two main functions: crawling and indexing, and on the basis of the relevance and importance of the answer ranking.

2, provide the answer. Provide the user query, most often through the list of related web pages, searching and ranking.

at every stop, is its own unique file (usually a web page, but sometimes it is PDF, JPG or other documents). The search engine needs a way to "crawl" throughout the city to find all the stops along the way, so they are using the best path link.

search engine how to determine the importance of

through the link, automatic robot search engine, known as the "Crawler" or "spider" can reach billions of linked documents. Once the engine is found on these pages, they will store this information in a snapshot of the way in the mass on the hard drive for users to search queries when needed, the server supports the search engine can complete this great search task, billions of pages in a fraction of a second visit, the search engine has been built the data centers around the world. These huge storage facilities to accommodate thousands of large amounts of information processing machine. After all, when a person to search in any of the major search engines, they need the moment, even 1 or 2 seconds of delay may lead to dissatisfaction, so the search engine to provide as soon as possible.

search engine is the answer machine. When a person through the search engine query needed information, search engines will be in their own database, search billions of documents, and at the same time to do two things: first, to return only those results relevant or useful search query; second, ranking the results, to provide the most useful results. So, the answer is the search engine provider, "correlation" and "importance" indispensable, Shanghai dragon is to influence these two factors.

imagine the world wide web

is a search engine, the correlation means that more is not a simple process to find a page. In the early days of the Internet, search engines do not have to consider this simple factors, the quality of its search results as can be imagined. Therefore, in the process of evolution, intelligent search engine engineers will design a better method to find the valuable results, the search will be more acceptable and satisfactory. Today, Shanghai dragon on the correlation, is the most concern to provide website optimization and keyword ranking skills of people’s.

1, crawling and indexing. Billions of documents, crawling and indexing pages, documents, news, video and web media.

at present, important > major search engines usually understand

network seems to stay in the subway system of a big city. The

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