The website to learn how innovation can endure

(two) continue to add fresh website highlights.

Internet competition is more and more big, a lot of 90 also embarked on online business footsteps, so this kind of competition is everyone as can be imagined, as an industry website, we can find that almost every website layout, function, and provides information to the user is difficult to be quite different, give users leave a deep impression, so when we will do a out of the ordinary, with unique features and highlights.

(a) so I have no people, I have excellent people.

In recent years

Taobao guest website friends, know mogujie贵族宝贝, beautiful said the website, why they can attract a large number of users visit, buy? In addition to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization besides, many of them are rare web page layout, such as beautiful column in the layout is very distinctive, with the picture displayed in the form of some of the more outstanding popular products, then write this column has shared many related products, if interested can click into see more similar products such as screening, in fact my www.tbtmsy贵族宝贝 is to attract users to watch, this is a feature of course for many common guest website, but stressed that only small innovation, and for others characteristics We need to improve and do better and better.

With the rapid development of Internet

then with webmasters constantly aware of this, the use of cheating get ranking site also gradually reduced, while innovation will undoubtedly become the prerequisite for the development of a website, so how do we go to innovation, how many peers and others do not like the site, has its own unique highlights and in addition to? Our prophase planning and positioning, continuous improvement stage is crucial, because we need to understand that no progress is backward, we should constantly to innovation, to improve the user’s needs. The following is my summary of some, for everyone to share.

together to make their own style, so whether the search engine’s perspective on the user’s point of view, can add high points oh.

is not a heavy constant for the site, only to highlight new website development, keep pace with the times, can make the user more recognition to our website. We all know that the search engine is a large part of the audience from the site to determine the value of the site, from access to the data to determine whether the site site has some brand effect and so on, so at this time the new website.

, now the search engine for the user experience is also more and more attention, especially in the past two years in Shanghai to update the algorithm of continuous improvement, those who use some black hat techniques for search engine ranking station with big update lost love Shanghai again and again in.

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