A5 marketing standardization of website optimization webmaster to comprehensive analysis

, first of all, why is there no specification.

: the reason of web application, many CMS systems often appear in an article by several different URL visit.


technically, these URL are different URLs, search engines can really put him a different web site, although these URL returns are the same file, is home. But technically speaking: the host can return different content on the web site. So, in addition to map with and without www cause, and if the end with a index.html suffix caused by non-standard. Outside, there are several reasons why. For example:

below is a different URL, but is actually a page.

: the website directory with and without slash. Figure:

home page

2: URL static errors are set, the same article is a static URL can access. Figure (screenshot URL and access title):

3: URL static, coexistence of static and dynamic URL, have links, can also access.




URL refers to the same file:



is shown in figure

5: encryption. Figure:

? The !

URL exist at the same time, but can be accessed.

6: URL port. >

so, why write this article? The reason is: A5 marketing to customer website usually in the process of Shanghai dragon diagnosis, found on the website of standardization problems. Thus, very little understanding of the customer. The standardization of knowledge points, even some webmaster do not know what this is. So, in order to let more webmaster to learn this knowledge, A5 marketing team Shanghai dragon write a standardized comprehensive analytical. If you find this article helpful to oneself, also please feel free to share to other stations in learning

All of these

introduction: This article mainly explain the contents of the "standardization of website optimization", what is the canonicalization? Do Shanghai Longfeng friends should have a clear, refers to the selection of the most suitable search engine as the real URL (normalized) process.


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