love mules link value based on user behavior analysis

is generally a page will be at the top of the navigation bar, the bottom of the sidebar, a few blocks, most likely to be a user clicks on a link is the links in the text, and the text links below, therefore, these two blocks of links is undoubtedly the most valuable, appeared in the two block links will be given the highest weight. But these blocks users should be the least likely to click the link at the bottom of the page, which can be seen at the bottom of the so-called navigation is basically useless.

, a link to the

we all know that links appear in different positions, different pages, the anchor text of different weights obtained are different. A patent was approved in May 2010 the noble baby on the same page of the link is to transfer the weight is different. The patent is mainly through the link, link pages and is the link to the page features, and user behavior data to determine the value of the link, the patent can be users to browse the web and follow the link may access to the possibility of the target page, the higher the likelihood of higher ranking.

can be seen, the search engine has been trying to impersonate the user to change the ranking algorithm, starting from the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, what kind of links will have more value

two, the anchor text font, size and color

, there is a lot we can think of, such as pictures accounted for the proportion in the page links, anchor text links around the text and so on, from the user’s behavior can also be analyzed, but the search engine is currently able to identify how many factors no one can know, but also depends on the actual combat experience to experience slowly. In this paper, I love mules from the original: 贵族宝贝ebaite贵族宝贝/blog/post/14.html, welcome to reprint, if you don’t mind, please keep the author and links.

?The position of The correlation between

main page relevance, the relevance of the theme and the anchor text there is no doubt that a weight loss of the article in the Shanghai dragon is no one will go to click (with the exception of curiosity is very strong, the people) a Shanghai Longfeng article appeared to lose weight this anchor text, so it is not someone to click. And the most valuable links should be related to the themes and related anchor text, but also to the most relevant page.

three, and the correlation between the anchor text page

In addition to the

a text, anchor text appears to bold, add color and font changes, by users to click on the possibility will increase, the weight as it should be improved.

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