An analysis of the content in the anchor text using three details

search engine and user friendly experience for the anchor text effect might be the best effect in several links in the form. For this I want to do is webmaster have a deep. The definition of the anchor text, we can define the construction of the chain anchor text and the construction of the chain in the anchor text. The anchor text in the construction of the chain may we contact more, for it also pay more attention to details, and we tend to ignore the anchor text chain in the construction of the details of the use of. Use the anchor text site for the construction of the chain of our site has played a key role. If the treatment is not good, not only the user experience is poor, the search engine may also cause unnecessary punishment. As for the use of the station anchor text we need to pay attention to what the details of this problem? I will share three of their experiences.



for us to optimize the personnel, may wish to as much as possible to install more keywords in our pages, and these words are the best anchor text. This is nothing more than a search engine in order to highlight the key words for us, but in fact, this method is not desirable, it will not only seriously affect the user friendly experience of the site, and may cause the search engine merciless punishment. The anchor text location the author gives such a suggestion, we can give the first words in the text and anchor text, then we can use the keywords behind the other in bold or underlined to highlight key words, so as to achieve the optimization effect of key word ranking.

details: anchor text length control

each site is made.

anchor text appears

I once met a blog, a blog may be a novice, found in the blog is a lot of sentence into a anchor text. But more is engaged in all the links to the home page, it seems that the blogger spent no small mind. I do not deny that this is all a mistake. For this problem may be a lot of optimization personnel have had this question, what is the effect of the anchor text do a keyword or a sentence to do good?. Thus I think of a question many optimization personnel will exist, that is when the anchor text is to use keywords as anchor text or a word do anchor text? The author thinks that if we put the sentence into the anchor text has two advantages, one is the user can be improved on the other hand. Friendly experience, the second is to promote the collection of articles. But this is also a problem, that is the loss of weight, for the promotion of a keyword ranking basically can not play much role. So I think that if you want to improve a keywords ranking through the anchor text, then you’d better use the anchor text.

details: two reasonable treatment of anchor text content in the position of the emission of

details of the three: the reasonable control of the frequency of

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