Eight methods of enhancing website keyword density

webmaster tools network tool is good, can view the site weight, the weight of said Guo Yeye love Shanghai still feel some numerical water, but these data show a very good, and very accurate. If you can check the keyword density is better, in the online search information, learn some methods increase keyword density and share with you.

busy two days a week, learning, examination, learn some knowledge of the network. Is a very useful, finished, go to the site navigation to change, although the change is not too good, or a lot stronger than before, at least not so ugly. A few days ago with others in Links, said the site is so ugly, not with me, anyhow, "Wuhan love Shanghai" is a network of PR4. The site of a keyword rankings off, very depressed, a couple of days, for some Links, check the density of keywords, and keyword density from today to the new small change, hope to bring back the position rank.

Links is now every site. Some of the modules, as long as it is done to optimize the Shanghai dragon, will have this section, the keywords ranking drop summary, that same industry links to increase keyword density played a great help, but only to the snapshot update speed and included articles, love Shanghai updates faster requirements, keywords in different industries is also a function of the PR, including the transfer is the same reason.

4. internal links

internal links are also very big help to the keyword density, such as Guo Yeye’s website is in "Wuhan love Shanghai" as the target keywords, to anchor text in a reasonable article pages embedded to the main domain name, 2-3 can appear in an article, so remember to update, the title should be a reasonable "Wuhan love Shanghai" the.

in the title, description, keywords inside reasonable add keywords, because this position is slightly sensitive to several of the region, is sensitive to the love of Shanghai, so as to determine the one-time. The basic principle is to summarize the content of the website title, accurate, neat and smooth. Try to put all the words can describe the title and keywords parts can be revealed, together can also appear together. As for the keywords, to want to do rankings of words added to the inside, do not repeat to add a keyword can.

3. Links

love the most valued face work, home page content is very important, reasonable content of home rich web site target keywords. The website home page to call some article page, the basic criterion is reasonable, the section appears reasonable keywords, not in accordance with the premise of ensuring the user browsing habits of the layout, do not deliberately to stack, for example in the article title more than a dozen "Wuhan love Shanghai" words, it is not necessary.

1. title, description, keywords

Shanghai Bole

2. web page

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