Novice webmaster do need to pay attention to what Shanghai Dragon

I’m Chinese electrical portal editor, today not many things deliberately deliberately write essays on spare some time, now many novice webmaster learning website optimization is to imitate a lot of so-called love in Shanghai and Shanghai dragon tutorial video search Shanghai dragon, bad point, in what was called "those Liwei exchange" Shanghai dragon training institutions to spend a few hundred dollars to learn. In fact, I’ll say my opinion. Many online tutorials are without practice, but the real experience can be said that very few are willing to share master, of course, there are a lot of selfless heart good webmaster want to take the point out to share, here I talk about what the improper operation will lead to your site is love Shanghai right down, pay attention to the novice Webmaster:

third: the reverse link and friendship

in the first sentence tells us Shanghai dragon friends, do not arbitrarily change the title and description, I cite 2 examples. 1, some new Adsense will not use webmaster tools, love Shanghai index of those tools, just contact Shanghai Longfeng learning website, see others do what website keywords, description of those will follow with copy to your site, don’t love Shanghai index check this keyword search volume every day how much, the suffer, suffer it? For example, others a station for 5 years to 10 years, you have to follow the competition keywords you this is not a man with a gladiator PK? Who is winning others to see that. 2, love Shanghai vice version every day will have the hot key to different, some owners want to do opportunistic, immediately put their site keywords, description changed into hot keywords, though it will temporarily traffic to your website, but you have not thought about this hot? Have you? Not after not expected keywords related to the website with your industry also follow out key words together? It will make the search engine you feel uncertain, and won’t give you a high weight, of course, weight high website occasionally change the title or description is possible, sometimes the search engine will understand the change in less than 10 words, at least stable 1 weeks in a little change is not.

second: avoid the accumulation of keywords

as a qualified webmaster daily updates in the morning we must develop a habit of checking Links, webmaster tools check is only 2 minutes, I take myself for example.


: the first most avoid frequent change site title and description of

accumulation for the rapid increase in a certain role website ranking, but the site violates the rules of search engine website but eventually escape the punishment of the search engine, if you still don’t believe, then look at the recent business circle contest it like a raging fire, love Shanghai, the first 2 pages is the accumulation of keywords, although it is cool in IP, a lot of traffic. But after the wind after? There are a few people in your station? Don’t be punished to blame.

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