Google electricity supplier left Baidu electricity supplier to the right

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in front of the two article "Google electric manufacturers go heavier, or will launch shopping platform?" and "Baidu, I will still be on Google and Baidu respectively at home and abroad two major search giant electricity supplier in the field of electricity supplier strategy can not be ignored in the interpretation of" game player. Careful friends may find that Google and Baidu’s electricity supplier strategy is heading for different directions: a heavier and heavier to the left, a more light to the right.

how do you interpret this difference?

Google and Baidu have faced the situation

foreign consumer brand awareness is strong, different age usually consumers for their different brands, different grades of commodities, and this concept in the brand to continue to strengthen the marketing is, in many cases they prefer season goods would not choose copycat or inferior, and abroad have a lot of low quality, copycat products. Therefore, foreign consumers’ shopping habits are relatively simple, so they are very dependent on the search engine to get information from the very beginning. In the United States, for example, the United States did not develop a particularly good like beauty, shopping guide site, but the emergence of a lot of good shopping search engine, especially Google Shopping.

Google from the outset in the shopping search field occupies a very important position, whether it is universal search, Google, or Google Shopping (formerly Google Product Search) for businesses with a large amount of traffic, but the cost is not high, has businesses welcome.

in the shopping environment is a world of difference with foreign countries. First of all, the domestic consumer brand awareness has not been fully established, for a lot of people between the genuine and cheap choice is often low, so there are various levels of hundreds of millions of Taobao products; secondly for many people in China, Taobao is synonymous with e-commerce, many B2C providers including Jingdong, but also in recent years began to rise, gradually have some visibility. Taobao as early as September 2008 on the full shield from Baidu’s search traffic, which makes Baidu want to get started in the field of online shopping in the face of great difficulties.

search results were screened after Taobao, Baidu launched Baidu has ah, with C2C as a breakthrough in e-commerce. Two years later, Baidu has teamed up with the Japanese electricity supplier giant Lotte joint venture company set up B2B2C cool day". In addition, Baidu also strategic investment in B2C electricity supplier Yao point 100.

but when the potential difference

today Google and Baidu are facing a lot of changes in the online shopping environment than before. Google is facing a strong Amazon

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