Analysis of website classification directory submission process need to pay attention to the maoni

web site directory number, mixed type, because many owners can not stand the high quality classification directory submission failed again and again, and then reduce the site’s worth, and instead invest in some low quality, not high visibility of the site, so the success rate went up, but the quality. And because the threshold is proportional to the mass, since your website can easily submit and included, then the other owners of the website can also, as a result, this kind of Web site directory will be included in many low quality web sites and content pages, a number of signs will form a link factory, and recently coincided with the Shanghai love crazy update, once this directory love is identified as Shanghai link factories, so the future of the site only K station road. So, when I submit web site directory, the quality index is that we need an extra attention.

when submitting your site, will play a smart, make their sites submitted to the different classification of the same platform in order to increase the number of indirect website weight and the chain. But we should pay attention to, now classified catalogue of high quality are manual review, if the audited personnel caught, then highlights of our website is not professional, opportunistic in the invisible, the impression branch fell sharply, so a related classification is very important to. In addition, category included site is classified according to different industries or regions, in the same directory included with relevant industry features similar sites, many webmaster through similar classification to find Links, so from this perspective, choose a specific classification is also presented a wise choice.

do not Cleverness may overreach itself., site classification directory submission must not be less correlation

classification catalogue commit point is very difficult, so we in order to increase the introduction of website website impression in the audit staff there will be people with some exaggerated, "

Many webmaster

for the website information accurately, real timely description

for a web site, especially for new sites, submit their website to the corresponding directory, once included, for the construction of the chain, the site to get traffic and brand building is of great help. The open directory DMOZ as we all know, if you can submit on this website and was collected, so our website PR manifertations will shine, because Google is using DMOZ directly, even now Google exit China market, submitted to the DMOZ directory for our successful weight ascension is very favourable at. But webmaster friends now know how many famous web directory audit quality, and we are very strict, small webmaster website to tell the truth in the most included in the included edge, it is particularly important when the classification of the directory submission techniques.

patient, web site directory must be of high quality

Now We all know that

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