How do the chain use of forum and blog marketing software bugs

in addition, few people pay attention to the forum and other places may do promotion. A sign (currently the bugs are being developed, such as log space). These are to be included in the search engine, but did not like the post as often by spiders crawl. Also note that the problem is in the account batch registration is completed, must set up the forum batch signature, such as Chong Shanghai, another www.7sola贵族宝贝 in the group, each registered forum account basically good are ready to sign, this is a very important problem, also need to pay attention to details, I do not say, when a number in the early stage is also very important. Finally, the forum message to a good grasp of how to grasp, or that sentence, according to your own situation to the station.

a lot of new friends buy marketing software bugs in software, get the beginning of the first time do not know what to do first, all in the group asked me not to find resources or start a registered account like it. As a novice to some of these have no ground for blame you don’t forget, but only the core of the software on the line, that is whether you are sending the forum message, or blog mass line. Here, the insect friends ask, how to use the "chain of high quality? The www.chong today in贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon with BBS blog to talk about.

insect friends after a large number of resources with the remaining bugs crawl software, start looking for integration and screening of resources, which is the resource manual code, a code value, which resources can be without a code included and fast. How to judge quickly? The method is very simple, made a post, do not add anchor text, but to ensure the uniqueness of the theme of the post, after the hair to see Posts included, if included soon, you this batch of resources is of good quality. The software bugs forum outside the chain? First of all, the post can be added when pointing links, keywords to add their own doing. It is the best, with the best, if not yet spell to add it, that is very likely to be the moderator AD posts were mercilessly deleted. The content acquisition method is described in detail in the collection and web crawling ". In reply, don’t return to the top, the landlord’s great good post, no nutrition such as words, find some slightly longer, and is suitable for all posts on a reply to the article, so the effect is much better.

forum outside the chain believe the friend to do most of the chain forum. May be some friends will say, I grabbed the little resources, also found a lot, every day in the forum outside the chain, but the chain is not the total number has increased significantly, this is what happens? Here will explain Chong, Shanghai dragon refers to the forum outside the chain does not mean some post replies the signature link, with the chain links.

, a forum outside the chain of

two, Bo.

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