Optimization of enterprise business Xiao cold station

first we look at the internal structure of the website and what we can do, a few pages have typical corporate website home is the company introduction, image display, news center, product page, honor, order page, contact us page and complaints. These are generally in the top navigation settings. Sidebar catalogue, general enterprises are used this layout, each page to reasonable layout, to ensure the effectiveness of the chain.

attribute of nature is very important, set the corresponding keyword title, keywords and description attributes. Of course, in my opinion, the site of the need to think about is how to reasonable layout, the main consideration to the user experience, as well as the specific view of what the product is, for example, if it is a photography website more display works should be based on the HD picture for the main, do not recommend the use of flash, it will seriously affect the website the speed of loading. In fact, news programs are more conducive to the distribution of keywords, electric district share love Shanghai news sources included in this regard there should be some help, here is not to do the detailed analysis of the comparison, targeted to specific analysis of specific issues.

Optimization of the

enterprise web page within the chain itself, relatively closer to the user, so it is mainly focus on the user experience, let’s look at the construction of the chain should pay attention to what, do internal links, the chain only need to regularly add up. Six questions to improve the business circle outside the chain of high quality can also give us some enlightenment on the construction of the chain.

these days on Xiao cold if not Shanghai Longfeng, how do we actually do the transformation, Shanghai dragon transformation is very easy, because Shanghai dragon is different from the program or engage in the design industry, we are not in a certain aspect, what we need is a general understanding of the site, can do so this website is better accepted by the user and search engine. Different industry site strategy used is also different. I did not begin operation optimization of the enterprise stand here, but also do some understanding. The enterprise website is generally the product information, which is different from the information station can cover many articles, page less. How do we solve the optimization problem of it for this problem?

please indicate the source!

here we should pay attention to the chain to choose the weight of the site, a high weight of the chain better than a lot of the low quality of the chain, so I don’t think I need to explain. An optimal values of enterprise Xiao cold station is here. The first Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝blog. bay.net/20110512388/

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