n Shanghai dragon ranking competition to treat

also is Shanghai Dragon technology, why his website optimization than me? Why is my site ranking without his good? This is a very serious problem, but also a very funny problem recently, friends say such words, let me feel funny, and regret as a friend, because it can be seen that, his ambition is not very high, and jealousy is very strong, as a normal person such thoughts and ideas must be some work units in the company, or their shop is very normal things encountered in the online business! We encountered peers and how treat

why his site to the first but I was in love with Shanghai second pages? This is the friend’s words, you on page second, consider whether their home gap optimization and optimization of competitors. Reference site internal factors and external factors, internal factors is the user experience, the quality and layout of the structure of the web page article which is more in line with the Shanghai dragon, customers enter the site there is no gain, external factors is the chain, also is your website visibility, your message more far, your wealth more, if you can find a link from the website or forum, needless to say, your ranking will naturally be driven up. The chain is the bridge, the bridge is a spider, bridge is the user, through their links to your site, increase traffic to you. This is the two direct.

this is a very good meeting with good things, encounter opponents more should happy. A good sentence in some places have left right, if the occupation you are doing, you are likely to make a fortune, but you may fail, the occupation technology may be your own, but you will not do it, as long as you do out. People can see, people see after they would do, this is a competitor, although you want to come out, but if you do not continue to innovate and exchange updates, you think you will last forever? Will be the latter to replace, because the latter has been to you learn in learning, you also play their thinking in innovation. This example everyone should know.

encountered competition


also do the Shanghai dragon, why his ranking than me? This problem from the point of view of your choice, if the choice is the same word and do you have the same industry, two colleague and rival, you two should be the mode of thinking is the same know, the word value, know the word can bring you flow, wealth, in the word to optimize; optimize the word is the first, but the appearance of the page layout and design is to pay attention to the customer perspective to think, to give customers a high degree of experience, so as to keep the traffic flow into wealth, if you two sites are routed to the Shanghai love home, remember there will definitely be a last in, you are not be tied.

counterparts ranked higher than me how to treat

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