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then, an entrepreneur should how to build their own personality charm, Ma Jiajia students in her PPT referred to a "first regressed, then from the black, then narcissism" formula, Xiao Xi believes that the horse is molesting teachers classmates composition, so they want to search ground n when want to come out of such a routine. If you enumerate some of the elements of an entrepreneur’s charismatic personality, Xiao Sai believes that at least five basic dimensions should be included.

below is the live record, without my review:

recently, Ma Jiajia – a 90 beauty beauty products boss – Internet thinking PPT, in the WeChat circle of friends came, quite hot. By Luo fat teacher Luo Zhenyu is a noun, we can say: the armour and delight equipment 90, is the 2013 "charm personality body finally pushed to a climax.

, but the topic of Ma Jiajia’s hot topic, let Xiao Xi especially want to talk about the topic is, an entrepreneur’s "charisma personality" basic accomplishment is what kind of?

of course, the current domestic entrepreneurs more and more, and spontaneous or conscious to build attractive personality body practices more abundant, but in many companies there are just one important task as the market spread, and now we want to emphasize is to take this as a "priority".

from the perspective of public relations of enterprises, enterprise information content has been popular in the past years is too rigid, founder of content dissemination based on being ushered in Dynasty prosperous period.  

theme of Education: the judges, audience friends, good afternoon! There was an American handsome brother, came to Beijing Language and Culture University to study exchange, before he came to China only in exchange for a semester, so Chinese is not particularly good, so only their American life circle. Until one day he know a website called "Let’sChina", students learning paper-cut and Chinese he and some students to study in China, in another girl is ordinary senior students to university graduate school abroad, hope to get more opportunities to practice English with foreigners, to apply for our tour guide, finally the story is that they together, a gift is in the event they first met when the paper-cut.

one, entrepreneurship is fierce.

entrepreneurs have a lot of traits, but the most important thing is to dare

discuss the charismatic personality of the entrepreneur? Because for the entrepreneur, his character and product are still in the eyes of the capital, the media and the users. The inspection period is the probation period, and it is also a dangerous period and critical period. During this time, the entrepreneur must maintain his best form, high morale, and effective strategies. The comprehensive embodiment of these factors, we can simply sum up, the construction process of a complete charm personality.

in addition, from the input to output point of view, in fact, marketing founder charisma personality than marketing company image more cost-effective. The former is more solid, more human and more figurative than the latter. The entrepreneurs in front of a large living to the station, he said the future than those who ah, those pie painting ah, are more convincing.

there are many students studying abroad in China like this, increasing at about 10% each year. These students mainly face three problems: first, the lack of English and Korean living materials; secondly, lack of contacts, they are generally arranged in the foreign student building, and it is difficult to communicate with the local Chinese students. Second, it’s hard to integrate.

May 21st, 2014 innovation China • NEXT in Beijing Shangri-La Hotel, an investor and young entrepreneurs will be staged again. In the afternoon "90" special Demo, the title of non education consulting limited liability company’s "Let’sChina" web site for all countries to China’s students to provide life, social and other services.

in this regard, we propose a solution, the three step the first step, we are the early start-up companies, so we want to do a small but beautiful, 20 boutique items, we are completely to the customer as the center, develop tourist attractions, made a meal, Americans should request games increase in the inside, with communication the form of the friendship continued. Second, we will introduce this social module, such as ASKLOCALS, which is a lifestyle oriented answer. For example, what does "fly" mean?. And OPINIONS, we want a guide in communication. The current two have begun to take shape, we will introduce these biased travel small modules, such as foreigners to bring some train tickets, and so on, and gradually further into a one-stop life travel platform.

?Why should

charm personality body are very important in all walks of life, such as the film industry in the big star, show off Montana anchor circle, then in the theater. A good restaurant inside the super chef, the star of business managers, powerful charm personality body is not to beat the institution, the person’s aura penetrating tissue construction shadow, shining directly in a variety of fan body.

, this is our website, the first half is the main push of our line, and the second half is the main push. This is our legs and legs, and co-founder Lin has extensive experience in the United States and Saudi Arabia, and has accumulated a lot of efficient resources. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m 18 years old. This is my fourth venture. I mentioned the coffee shop. I did it in senior high school and I also got an examination. All of these projects have been profitable, but this is not the future. This project is the industry that I feel the trend of the times. During the process of chatting with investors, I found that in the past few years, everyone was more enthusiastic about outbound travel in Southeast Asia


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