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in the evening of the "venture capital circle" angel dinner, Li Kaifu accepted a reporter on innovation and entrepreneurship interview. "The winter capital financing is not easy, the valuation is not so high, but this winter is not a bad thing," Li Kaifu thought, "in the winter also willing to entrepreneurial talent is the real entrepreneurs who finance a large sum of money on summer foam, winter comes just when they were at low tide".

no matter what network marketing training you are attending now, the teacher will tell you the first day. The execution, execution and execution are what we insist on. If one thing can not be persisted, it is possible to die on the road, which is summed up by the experts. In fact, the same in life, the network to do how to completely reflect your habits in life. Light is not enough execution, but also skills. There are many cases around me, and I have the skills to execute and do the project. I believe you will stride forward and move towards the X life you want. Milk will, and bread will.

we are no longer children entering the network, may be some friends like me also been cheated, detour, I think it is essential for growth on the road, but if you can’t learn if they cannot grow. Want to ask yourself a few questions?. In order to study or to earn money after you join? In what way to manage, can not control how much time a day off?? want to score goals? Have a good state of mind, how to step by step to meet order and determine, no longer as before to see what is what, see this money ran over and saw that day how much want to quit work, not far from the dream some day in the future how cattle X. I want to tell a friend a word, learn skills improve yourself, you will find yourself getting better and better.

found a new project in order to make money, not a useless, the first analysis of the nature of our project and do some statistical data, if this project is connected through the promotion of some products that we want is not with the Taobao customer similar, I think now most of the webmaster contact Taobao customer. Each one of the marketing channels are not the same, some rely on SEO ranking some forum, have their own best way to promote Taobao customer master, we are good at promotion and project is not consistent. Novice friends generally do not have their own best way of promotion, then according to the distribution characteristics of the target population and their favorable resources to find effective ways of promotion, targeted learning and tracking data analysis. Don’t be afraid of trouble. If you are well prepared, it will be easy to catch up earlier than we do.


in the just concluded two sessions of the country, the Chinese government’s target of GDP growth in 2016 was set at 6.5% – 7%. Li Kaifu stressed that the emerging areas, including the Internet industry is two digit growth, while traditional areas may be negative growth, "growth in the field of science and technology is still good."".

is a "outlet" industry, Li Kaifu revealed that the current focus on its investment in the sector, including cultural entertainment, television to the Internet in the process of business opportunities; intelligent hardware and artificial intelligence; internet education; O2O offline business opportunity combined with the Internet, B2B business to business e-commerce platform opportunities; as well as the application of the enterprise, "China Gavin is entering the mobile era".

venture circle Angel dinner is similar to the "Buffett dinner" investment and financing gathering, the first launch in 2012. This year’s angel dinner has screened 6 projects from 3372 entrepreneurs as a good early project. finished

"we think this year is likely to see entrepreneurship in the field of Internet technology in the spring, Li Kaifu explained," spring "refers to the technical field of innovation and entrepreneurship, with China economy has entered a new norm, the traditional industry has its own challenges must be faced.

venture capital circle founder and CEO Li Xiaoning believes that from the current policy guidance and market environment, is still a good time to start. "2016 domestic venture capital market continued to return to reason, entrepreneurship and investment demand for professionalism has become increasingly prominent, similar venture capital circle such platform will usher in rapid development".

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news agency, Beijing reporter Dong Guanyang in March 19, innovation works chairman Li Kaifu in Beijing on the evening of 19 about that Chinese entered the "winter capital", this technology field is still the Internet business in the spring.

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two days ago a friend introduced me to a profitable project, I looked very good at his income has been very good, but I think after refused, because these Wangzhuan project very much, and any profitable projects are consistent with the 28 law, not you can earn a lot of money earned. It is always a good man. Here since the fish don’t watch, learn to pick up their real ability, on the edge of a fish, rather than retreat webs.

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