Money paid through advertising platform for integral change QB activitiesWebsite construction proces

Tencent finance official advertising platform announcement advertising platform officially launched points exchange QB activities

official address is:

used to do Ali mother, has been kind of platform, in fact, I am not interested…. As a university community, I have daily more than 1000 IP, inside the school 1.2W people can not statistics, because of an export IP unified campus network with the results on the Ali Mama advertising only more than 100 a month, or at the bottom of large banner, a lot of friends also reflect what is the amount deducted serious..

3, time allocation problem. Now in school, time is not very much, and many times the time is scattered, so the time has been wasted.

hopes this won’t happen on this platform… Look forward to..

online, the most basic money making is advertising, making money, hanging money, site selling advertising, making money, the direct point is selling products, agents, selling software, providing services to make money. Online money and the real world there is no difference, in fact, can make money, online basically have the corresponding money making model. Many people don’t make much money in the real world, and it’s a big mistake to hope to make money online. Indeed, you can say that many people in reality are just very ordinary people who earn less than 1000 of their monthly income, but can earn more than 3000 of the monthly income. In fact, should they really have only 1000 of the income in the real world? Not at all. The reason for so much income is that they haven’t chosen the right direction for their jobs. Their own ability has reached 3000 of the monthly level, so you can succeed in the network.


http://s.qbar./tenpay/r/? 5627

networks make a lot of money, can you make money? Yes, but they are small money. There are a lot of people in this industry with Wangzhuan every month, earn more than 3000 of the vision and then, of which more than 50% are left with disappointment, of which there are 30% day stay income can not even arrived on electricity and network costs. Is it really so hard to make money online? How do you make money online?

, for example, Adsense cheating project, can be done in batches, even if 1/3 of the K number is also very profitable, and >

received the message and immediately landed backstage to check it out. Indeed, the

heard that this version is only a trial version, the change is not large, the official version is estimated that there is still some time on the line… The latter will open the RMB trading points function.. Yes, it is. It’s really a lot of news to get into the inner group..

in the money paid Tongqun in chat yesterday morning, integral caifutong advertising platform may want to exchange QB, is when in doubt the authenticity of the news release, the main group. Financial pay through advertising platform revision, launched the integral exchange QB function…

was released without hesitation, exchanging more than 100 QB..

I’ve been thinking about why I didn’t make a lot of money from the Internet. After a lot of thought, I found the following reasons, which might be applicable to many people.

1, yangaoshoudi. Very love to see what the latest Wangzhuan will try to look at, see SEO to find information, but never operation. Remember before there was a "Datang Shuanglong" game money making project, and at the same time I saw a lot of people in the project have made money, and I just look, but did not go to operate.

how much money you can earn online is not only about time, but also about your experience and your thinking. What’s the easiest way to make money online? It’s looking for a core project that suits you. Then make a good plan and stick to it. For example, I am familiar with the Taobao guest project, I should choose and analyze more keywords, and then do 10 Taobao guest website, insist on doing 3 months, I believe that monthly income 3000 is no problem.

2, chaos. SEO popular learn SEO, this is very hot to hang Wangzhuan study method, tomorrow this amount of good color seduce go to see. Not a core Wangzhuan project, not a good plan is hard to success.


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