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in the course of the author’s work, "turning around the clock project", "reshaping the vitality of the Department" and so on, are quite rich in relevant experience. And according to its summary, the three main reasons for the failure of entrepreneurship are:

then consulted a duck, he said that now can be used, simple consulting, some is quite convenient, for example in the background I can directly change the advertising, I have a strong province to my own station in advertising, in addition the operation interface is like shlf1314, so familiar.

underestimated difficulty

many projects begin with a rush in the absence of an accurate prediction of the difficulty, without adequate preparation, whether or not there is enough in the future

reading: the emphasis is wrong, underestimate the difficulty, the implementation of transparency is too low…… We are to look at these three reasons is how we inadvertently incarnation as a stumbling block on the road to success.

New Year’s day when the Internet at home, killing a set of WOW backward to the union to see yesterday’s income. Because sh419 doesn’t have data until this afternoon. sh419. Ali mama. 91., one after reading to see the results of the net, in doing their panelpower, I heard that the effect is good, but did not try. Look at the data yesterday 5, also found that this thing is always data, today there are three, have good effect. So see if there are any other ads.

once failed, implicated more than customers, companies, entrepreneurs of itself is not to be underestimated, these failures in entrepreneur’s occupation career enough left a deep imprint, even to the road of entrepreneurship has the potential force of lingering.

performs opacity too low

but relatively speaking, this smart ad feature in the background is a good innovation. It saves me a lot of time for advertising. In addition, my station also prefers text advertising. Carousel function also allows me more revenue.

third. In the lower right corner of the text ads, "Chanet results network advertising", ah, I was the first time to see such a long drop, it’s ugly.

I love Einstein in such a famous saying: "if I had only one hour to save the world, I will spend the first 55 minutes to locate the problem, then the remaining 5 minutes to solve the problem. This is the case, and we must first make sure that we are not paying attention to what we are focusing on in order to become more aware of what we are doing. It is only after the correct goal is struck that it is possible to find a solution.

focuses on error

and then found the navigation bar accidentally more flash chain, flash chain? What things, point in to see.

simply say what you feel:

, whatever he chooses in the drop-down box, then choose to create a new ad. Then write your name, point down and find the same as the GG code. More familiar with, select the size, the next step.

first glance. Just take a look at: – do you advertise yourself?

many companies fail because they focus on profit rather than profit, or focus on gross profit, but ignore net profit. As a different story, no clear direction is starting again, but just standing still hard, not to mention the "way to success".

fourth. The function is not very rich, should be able to refresh the page ad brush, or even change advertising should let me set a few seconds to change it. Also, let me set the ads to show the weight of it.


then appeared a lot of advertising, it seems to me to pick a few ads, I probably understand this chain flash is what is the kind of stuff, estimate the carousel, and then completed advertising code. Is wondering how only so little? Point to return, found a senior set the following selection of advertising, in the point that is similar to GG, select the color of what, not what new ideas, but also have some GG function here.: –

in general: This is >

focuses on error

next, we are to look at these three reasons to inadvertently incarnation as a stumbling block on the road to our success.

Click to see the effect, show and GG and other advertising ads almost text ads, after a while automatically flipped to my choice of other ads, ha ha, not bad.

most of the time, entrepreneurs are concerned about deviations – they tend to focus more on process, How than on more essential and more oriented content What. In fact, if you do not have a clear perception of the specific content of the business and clear understanding, it is not feasible to plan the implementation steps accurately and accurately.

underestimated difficulty

second. Advanced Settings button is not conspicuous, thanks to my careful, or else do not know how to set up.

now that entrepreneurship is no longer so high, it’s only a small percentage of people who are willing to try. It seems that everyone can talk about entrepreneurship – just think of a less bad idea. However, according to statistics, 60% of venture projects ran aground, and the first start-up companies had a failure rate of over 80% in the first 18 months of development,

first. The introduction is not very detailed, nor is it conspicuous, want to figure out, take some time.

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