Not the same 90 CEOTwelve years of network reincarnation


          from 96 years of application telephone dial-up Internet began to become the first batch of OCS in Guangzhou, flash has been twelve years, a reincarnation, we have returned to the Internet’s starting line.

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Sunny-Dragon was born in Heilongjiang Jixi County of a city in Jidong County, in the school, toward the dragon is a most sarcastic "Ge" students in many teacher’s eyes, toward the dragon is a regular class. The students do not finish the homework, even some teachers to stimulate. This is the environment, let Sunny-Dragon in school has been all ridiculed and laughed at, and gradually grow, only a small part of the teachers and students more sympathy, that year’s Dragon on the first two days, full of curiosity towards the Dragon fell in love with the computer this fresh plaything, originally parents to Sunny-Dragon to remedial classes is hope Chao long can reinforcement learning mood, the grades go up, in the early, Chinese mathematics achievement toward the dragon in the class does raise some progress is relatively large, the teacher in charge teacher and also a high evaluation and recognition, but the effect is not ideal, or the usual performance continued to decline, what what is the reason for this


followed by grade 4 for two years, can be said to be in the dragon’s early days, but also can be said to have experienced 54 micro entrepreneurs, nine years of compulsory education as we all know, the third is the final examination stage of history and biology of two course, before the examination syllabus and examination data is certainly unavoidable, in the long side of the students often encounter papers or outline lost can not find the situation of their own thing, a lot.

90 in this highly competitive society, most still in the campus, many people still rely on the economic source of most parents give pocket money and tuition and so on, in the opinion of the majority of parents and society, 90 is a group of no self-control impulse, rebellious teenager, young is the best for them, but the young at the same time also exposed frank, abrupt and impulse. In the view of teachers, 90 is a group of particular groups, and the groups are different, they have their own thoughts and ideas, dare to do everything regardless of the consequences, rebellious psychology is very strong, do not obey the persuasion. But living in the same household 90 and channel network CEO—- towards the dragon is a out of the ordinary, a 90 extraordinary young entrepreneurial enthusiasm of youth.

          twelve years ago we did not see the network of the future, starting from the practical and the benefit, we chose the field of Internet communication, working is twelve years, also experienced entrepreneurs, climax and trough, then the climax, Shouye, transition stage, although the individual it is also a success, but with the whole communication industry has become a sunset industry, we finally decided to return to the Internet industry, but also to the greatest risk of controversy in the teeth of the storm, or the most of the market position and profit model, vaguely or year of confusion, but we have more experience, mature and confident, we are full of confidence in the future!

          we decided to learn from the easiest start, to build industry knowledge, choose what industry? Since the 2 years the stock market ebb and flow, invariably have you stock investment experience, familiar with the industry so consistently selected stock, now we need cooperation webmaster site rich management and operation experience, this is our knowledge of the stock station: gupiaozhishi.xiatan/. If you are a passionate ideal webmaster join us!

            :5426174 for me, ask the webmaster friends to communicate or generous with your criticism.

drinker, computer application

study hard is positive but not the main reason, the main reason is to learn in class during the long, affected by the maintenance of the computer class teacher, the Dragon gradually towards the love on the computer which is a new technology products, and soon the new year begins, the computer class began distribution the leader of the group, know a little computer at the dragon is one of the many small head, then the class has a classmate to master computer is also very high level, in two people have a common hobby, and classmates and friends at the Dragon co founded a computer exchange group, the dragon and the Internet towards this big family first met.

was disgraced and was a cynical

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