Online electricity supplier companies to test the water to create a fusion O2O model

if you want to count the stars in recent years commercial electricity supplier must not be omitted. Now almost all industries are discussed in the traditional enterprise to the transformation of the electricity supplier topic, there can be no future online or pure company has gradually become the consensus of online business also have to test the water store, to build their own O2O model.

if you want to count the stars in recent years commercial electricity supplier must not be omitted. Now almost all of the industry are talking about the transformation of traditional enterprises to the electricity supplier of the topic, but it is worth noting that, started on the line of electricity providers have to test the water store, to create their own O2O model.

now, the future can not exist purely online or offline companies have gradually become a consensus. The traditional business line is transferred to the Internet consumer change based on habit, and motivation of online business entities are mainly concentrated in the following 4 points: 1, to 2, brand landing; logistics distribution network requirements; 3, implementation experience of line; 4, multi form operation development considerations. But no matter what the reason, the first line of electricity providers in the face of the physical price strategy and business model choice.

price strategy: to cut into the market

electricity supplier into the market price is a well-known fact. A cable, connecting the world, so that the electricity supplier companies no longer need big channel line laying, and also obviates the profit loss of dealers and sales terminal pathway, makes the enterprises have a greater profit space than traditional enterprises in the consumer market. This is a huge advantage in the business enterprise the initial stage however, once the brand fall under the line experience to achieve price mark, has become the biggest constraint. The business entity of the price strategy generally has three kinds: the line of the same price, the line of different models, the line only display experience.

Marceau is one of the earliest high-end menswear Martha began to try the real operation of the electricity supplier brand. In 2010, Martha Marceau in central Beijing district the place opened its first and only one line store experience, two years later, the store had to shut down. Martha Marceau store, crashed, price strategy price line is arch-criminal. In order to establish a brand image of the high-end shopping site in the top Martha Marceau store, the price of 300~500 yuan less than the same district merchants 1/6, and millions of annual operation cost is unbearable. In the high-end brand business entities need to match their own brand positioning, store location and operation team requirements are high, and high operating costs lower profit margins severely restrict the line amplification of the number of stores, the radiation range of people is limited, unable to meet the line brand experience and show the original ideas. Therefore, the price of the price strategy of online and offline, at least in the high-end brand business entity is not feasible. Of course, the electricity supplier brand management category, such as a more unique selling point or brand value, does not have the possibility of parity, online shop and the store next line, while maintaining the uniform price at the same time, still can have a good profit space, custom furniture industry.

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