Personal webmaster to success of the five characteristics60 days how was the station bought by the

  I’m 58admin, not for a long time to write, because of the recent busy help revision, this website belongs to me but now has changed hands before, become the city network’s website. Today I want to say is operating properly, a station is easy to usher in the dawn, although only 5000 yuan of the purchase, but for simple investment, simple planning, can be the result of feeling good, not to mention later with the company into the agreement. Back to ours, I hope I don’t want this graph king boss as the soft, I just want to tell the novice Webmaster: network make money not impossible. No big gain, but no return.

1. domain name
    on the choice of the domain name. I don’t believe at graph king stand knows the topic I just take my talk when using domain name selection method for 06 years 58 city the net is hot so I think 58 people because the 58 city network easy to think of a famous network company yellow pages feel when the choice of when to sell the domain name and admin is a compromise that my idea is to take the network related such as ASP biz but was registered only choice admin although a little but is also can make people think of the network

    keyword selection; attention before I can see my master’s notes, the keyword "enterprise website planning", at the beginning of March has climbed to the top 20 sh419 Web site planning to climb to the top 100 site planning and site optimization is website promotion two swords early webmasters trying to do site optimization competition seriously have finally shifted to site planning and I was so set key words: enterprise website planning | website planning | website optimization easily through the web site planning marketing website optimization   many friends through the Internet to me ask specific charges in website optimization I have to my friends, but also because the city network company I hope I find cooperation and promotion expenses and without spending any time will reach this unexpected effect is very heavy weights of

  in the process of human resources acquisition;   here is that many owners just for publicity and add group and add so often launched a new sites need to re create the webmaster >


programmer was born, programmers have a very conducive to success is characterized by diligent thinking. They can order a line of code for about one night, they will find the most efficient algorithm to solve the problem. Think much to individual webmaster, mainly is to think about the business model, profit model. After all, in the open source flood era, due to the technical aspects of the web site has become increasingly less. As the business model is still a big problem all of your Internet companies, for example now as many as 115 large traffic sites like SkyDrive how to make cash flow, achieve profit maximization. If you have the opportunity to achieve in your mind mode, then you may become the first industry, you will be success.

three, often begin

wants to be a successful person standing long thinking characteristics is not enough, because the more you think is just empty talk, if you think of a business model no feasibility you how could easily be successful! You might argue I said at the outset Taobao mode is not subject to the industry certainly not as successful. So I must declare that I do not want you to think of others have recognized a pattern, then you might want to do than according to the previous route to success more difficult. I just want you to be in operation mode and reality closely, to find the reason to convince their own, only the founder of confidence in himself will have the ability to persuade VC, users, partners, will be more than ninety percent of the investment. So we have to frequently found in life, careful attention to all the details, because according to my personal experience, I have several times to break the pattern is inspired by the details of life in. For example when you take the bus, you can pay close attention to what is the main route of the people take the bus, most of the passengers in the bus on the bus is how to deal with this boring time, meditation, listening to music, reading books or chat. When you find the common behavior of most passengers you want if applied to your website, you can find the breakthrough point? So, if you observe carefully, have certain feasibility and reasonable ideas may be the lucky goddess drop on your head.

plan is one thing, action is another.

two, frequently found

in today’s Internet giants have turned to the mobile Internet, our personal webmaster still only hard to defend their territory. Perhaps in a certain sense, this is our personal webmaster comeback, a chance of success. But the opportunity is not far enough, if the individual stationmaster does not have some successful essential characteristics, individual stationmaster is still very difficult to get out of the present predicament, the success of tickets. We are following up on a talk about the success of individual stationmaster should have what characteristics.

, a diligent thinkingSome personal webmaster

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