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Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

China has been around 5000 years ago and has a long history and culture. This mind, Xiu Xiuzhen, "Shushan online" in this novel as the background, has strong traditional culture with China comprehension of color. It’s a surprise that games bring us the wonders of culture and the magic of imagination in a new way.

customer is very profitable, but many owners did not earn money, finally forced a switch. Including myself, in the beginning always feel Taobao off is the optimization of some long tail keywords, and then rely on these long tail words to obtain directional flow, and then get the benefit of. But then some words I have very good rankings, every day to flow is directed, but still no income, was very anxious, so check a lot of information, it says Taobao guest black list is normal, so at the time that this industry is not good to do, I wanted to give up mentality. But I told myself, as do, to keep calm, don’t give up easily. Results after a period of time, about a month, have income. So, now more feel the mentality is very important.

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external matters is very simple, there are a few points in general, is a title and description to write accurately, some attractive; two is the page itself to open faster, otherwise the user will not wait, most users are browsing, not in reading; three is to jump or enter the site must be opened smoothly. Some shops such as Taobao itself, because the picture is too much, too much, so open time is very slow, I use IE8 browser, sometimes will card 5-8 seconds to completely open, in fact, this is a need to pay attention to, so the promotion of the whole store and sometimes is not a very good choice. According to the circumstances of each store.


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mentality is very important

SEO for a long time, but never touched off Taobao, but a lot of friends have been doing, some in the A5 share a lot of experience, the effect is very good. So I began to try to do some Taobao customers. The thinking of optimization of some long tail keywords can solve the problem and get some small benefit, but later found not such a thing, there are many details worth thinking about. If done, really understand the difficulties where. Today to share with you.

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2008 01 09

page optimization tips? As long as the traffic is not actually not be profitable?. Sometimes, even if your traffic is very directional, but still does not receive a commission. Because you cannot keep visitors, grasp the user’s psychological. Many users are very picky, came to the site to see off. So many webmasters will use the jump, as far as possible to reduce the time to stay on your own website, this is a very good method, but there is one point, so the search engines will be punished. This is not how to optimize SEO long jump. Therefore, try to make the website focused on their own, the user simply read, can quickly to the Taobao shopping.

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SEO means a single powerful


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in order to give the webmaster to provide more convenient services, "Shushan" click on the ads need to obtain, and click on the type of flat price entertainment VIP users still enjoy high price, will be broadcast in the alternation of existing advertising code, eliminating the tedious procedure to replace code. All the ads in the existing code are click charging, not affect the normal income, welcome the webmaster long-term launch.

external attention

finally and you chatter about SEO means.

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