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1 brings potential users directly;

7, expanding foreign information distribution channels, etc.

"the first users of that year were mostly poor students and small white-collar workers who were just working, and 90% were women. Their common characteristic is that they want to improve in the foreign language level, but they don’t have the ability to spend a lot of money on the training of offline agencies." Arno said that early users always support Hujiang net growth, and now they are still loyal users Hujiang network, even recommended that their children and friends to join this learning platform. At that time, BBS was completely free, and user support was really the driving force of entrepreneurship.

blog is a personalized and small audience space, in the process of communication with high efficiency of sporadic. Blogs can attract people with common interests and play a marketing role in target groups. It can communicate with users and attract potential users. Blog provides a platform for communication and communication. It pays more attention to interactivity and participation. It is complementary, integrated and complementary with traditional platform. Blogs are becoming a new form of advertising. Careful people are not difficult to find, and now the major portals of the home page, fifty percent of the content, are blog or forum links. So, how to make your blog articles appear in the home page, there are many determinants, such as attention, novelty, click rate,

4, increase the number of links to enterprise website, improve traffic;

Registered users

5, from the side or to product user identity to promote, enhance credibility;

review education is very special, even based on the Internet is also very difficult to achieve explosive growth of mass users; Shanghai river network has accumulated 13 years, only 80 million of users do.

2, reduce website promotion cost;

see a lot of posts that do Amoy promotion month earn thousands, you envy it, inviting? Do Amoy promotion money is in or the truth? I can earn so much money, or in order to improve the online website popular deliberately say so much? If it can make guest promotion what do? Sold out that ordinary people can make money doing guest promotion is to engage in marketing blog and forum marketing in two ways, of course, have their own web sites to make money for guest promotion. Here mainly on the blog marketing and BBS marketing money.

Shanghai was born a long time, it is not good for future New Oriental, the traditional line of educational institutions, nor the emerging Internet type of online education startups. It was born in 2001 of the first wave of the Internet fiery, experienced from the BBS to the electricity supplier, from the supplier and then to the school PC glorious era. Also after several ups and downs, in the mobile Internet tide, encountered the rise of this wave of online education opportunities.

The sea king

original title: thirteen years of fine cultivation of online education, Shanghai river network

students’ interest in Entrepreneurship

blog, for example, blog marketing can be said to be a new viral marketing. I don’t sell products directly to you, but I can influence your thinking by communicating over a long period of time, thus determining your buying behavior. Its value is mainly embodied in the following aspects:



in 2006, Arno graduate finished

Hujiang network now has 80 million, study the influence of radiation 200 million. Arno plans to build about one billion users Hujiang network platform, and through big data analysis, electricity supplier payment to realize the operation and management of users.

network marketing in many cases, not necessarily directly realize the purpose of online sales. However, it can bring some indirect effects to enterprises, such as enhancing the reputation, reputation, strengthening communication with customers, expanding channels for external information release and so on.

"forest canoe difficult, Shanghai river network to support entrepreneurship, to build online education ecosystem industry to achieve win-win." Arno Rui volt color screen name said in an interview on the science and technology NetEase.

was interested, 2001, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Junior Fu Cairui founded the Shanghai Jiang Yu Lin forum, after years of accumulation, quickly became popular at the time of the free language learning community resources.


3, the article content was included in the search engine, thereby increasing the search engine for the website and product attention;

6, enhance brand awareness,


forum marketing, there are several places to pay attention to. >

network marketing methods can be described as dazzling and diverse. Search engines, online advertising, exchange links, ad swaps, e-commerce, forums, blogs, and so forth. For small and medium enterprises in general, do promotion undoubtedly follow a principle, that is: seize every opportunity around, and strive to minimize the cost to obtain the best interests.

colleague called "Indoorsman" Hujiang network founder and CEO Rui volt color rarely appeared in recent years, do not know is not subject to a hot online education atmosphere of the infection, this time he is very bright, in high spirit.

with the heat of studying abroad and the entry of a large number of foreign-funded enterprises, the increasing demand for foreign languages has become more urgent. Shanghai river network constantly according to the needs of users to increase product modules, such as adding listening and translation module, and in 2005 Shanghai online line "Hujiang blog", according to the different needs of users set up 46 level, Japanese, PubMed, IELTS and other channels, and launched the "Shanghai Jiang tribe Web2.0 community edition, joined the social element.

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