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online education model is the most basic and most ancient model of online education. It is the main force in the online education industry now. Donews’s founder, Liu Ren, who invested heavily last year and acted as director of the exchange, said SEO thirty thousand, the most popular course in exchange, has won more than two dozen online tuition classes. By Babeta Shangmail IT Qingyuan online training education website co-founder Cheng Kaizheng created, launched less than 3 months can have stable revenue, for the Internet to "burn" for example, this is rare, it is also proved that the strong market potential of Internet education.

for personal website, has gone through a glorious history, the second focus on the outbreak of the tide in the Internet, many people do not know what the website is not there out of the "mud" opportunity? Or what personal websites rely on what profit model, or what to rely on to maintain their own survival? As we all know, many personal websites rely on advertising, mobile value-added, e-commerce and other ways to get support. Some of the best personal site when fame is often a good price for sale.

has been popular abroad for a long time, such as many well-known open classes and TED, while trying to build online >

1 one on one, real-time online mode

today, Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan and the famous angel investor Xu Xiaoping online education continues on micro-blog for their investment of 91 teachers net campaign, Xu Xiaoping at the beginning of this year that "after two years of online education may be as ubiquitous as electricity supplier". Today, online education platform Tutorspree received $800 thousand in additional investment, and Donews founder Liu Ren also entered the last year for the online education institutions, and directly predicted "online education in 2013 will be the outbreak of the year……"

as we all know, Sina, Sohu, these large portal traffic is very large, they also rely on these traffic in exchange for a lot of money advertising revenue. And some of us stand alone

This is the

for those who have not known for personal site, there are other ways to survive, after all, they have gathered considerable traffic, how to put these flow into their source of profit is a very important way. In this regard, dotting clickeye the advertising model is undoubtedly a new choice and opportunity for them. Why do we say so? As everyone knows, relying on personal site advertising revenue for their own development or a large proportion of the network advertisement is a kind of traditional profit model, but the original network advertising is not the biggest play flow value, because some of the ads are need to click to take effect, so when some personal site was forced to forced pop-up windows and other ways to let users browse to accept advertising content, but this model is vulnerable to netizens antipathy, so this way can not be used too much. The eye clickeye this kind of article in advertising is clearly no such worry, because his super link can be done in order to show the mouse, don’t force people to select or click on it, only those interested in the audience will pay attention to it. For example, when we read a IT article, we refer to a brand or a product, and someone might want to see how it works What’s the price? At this point there is a hyperlink that will undoubtedly facilitate this requirement.

2 of real-time online, or taped course mode



obviously, the potential users can better reflect the value of advertising advertising owners eager to get, because it is one of the marketing structure, its mode to its intrinsic motivation is the most important, because people only pay attention to the product goods when it is going to click and browse it. Personal website’s success is that it has its own fixed readers, the characteristic of the website is the main factors of achievement website development, when the flow of large, naturally by advertising the model to get advertising revenue, and they targeted, because their readers is a direct appeal within a small circle the. For example, most of the car users who love car personnel to browse, if there are some links appear in the text, then the interested people will naturally go further extended reading, more detailed information of manufacturers.

online education now has a variety of patterns, basically can be summarized as the following three categories:

no doubt, online education has become a new hot spot in the Internet industry, and this year is likely to usher in a big outbreak.

mode of online education and new adventure mode, is more representative of the 91 teachers, 91 Teachers Network and InstaEDU, by Gong Haiyan and Xu Xiaoping, and American InstaEDU in May last year has received a $1 million angel investment. The advantages and disadvantages of this mode of online education online one is very obvious, they highlight is a real-time interaction and learning effect, teaching disadvantage is high cost and need to cultivate the market — after all spend for him almost as much, but only teachers and online interactive teaching, many users still difficult to accept. Also, this mode of business website profit ability is limited, most of their income contribution in the teacher divided into, according to insiders 91 to I horse said, they completed a one-on-one education percentage is only about 1/15 or less. Whether the online education model will be successful and large-scale expansion remains to be questioned.

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