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days to write article titles often earn hundreds of such words, in fact, is not a small day arrogant, is not to say that as long as you follow the small day to say do we earn so much, it depends on individual ability, like the teacher to teach the students and I also various grades and ranks, amateur. In fact, this is mainly to attract you to write the eyes of friends, and now do what pay attention to advertising effect well, the small day is also forced, considerate.

is easier said than done

well, today some individual opinions say this stuff flow. Traffic is how many people visit your terminal, such as a web page, your contact information, or a link. Do the network know that no matter what business on the Internet, no such thing can not, and less can not. In fact, the flow is the same as in reality, in shopping malls, stations, these places crowd more, on the network can be said to be relatively high flow. We sell products, pay attention to a popular, this is in reality and the network on the general. Where on the network traffic is relatively high, sh419 post bar, the major video station, SNS community, the major forums, these places are high flow, and consumption capacity is relatively high.

later, a master told me or the home network, can be used to search ah. In the dark, found a way, so hard research, operation, finally operation smoothly, and began to receive a knife. He figured, get up Wangzhuan three months, only to earn less than $10. It’s too far from my intended goal. So I began to learn how to register and earn money. I was busy collecting tools and registering offer every day. It was often more than 10 hours away from the computer. I also learned some super simple methods of cheating. Not bad. Income has improved. But even the meal, the smoke is not enough money.

corners, many methods to attract traffic, no longer list. What it says is to attract free traffic. Next, the flow of money to buy, buy traffic in many places, the major search engines competitive flow, the flow of advertising alliances, as well as direct access to related sites to buy traffic. If we are doing the product, then buy traffic is a good choice, as long as the profit is more than the cost of input flow, then you earn. In fact, the real network master is to buy traffic to make money, just like the commercial tycoon in reality is to spend a lot of money on television advertising, a reason, they are too lazy to go Street hair fliers. On the network is the same, as long as you can make money, why not invest it?.

is said to be an expert in some good times don’t last long, invented a search station what procedures, or what other reasons, a doomed search station. After a few years, the registered station of the country can also registered a sharp reduction in the number of entries. It directly causes my income to decrease. I have to find another way.

such as selling a bean curd machine, can buy traffic, to some wholesale, machinery network advertising, or buy traffic in the league, in fact the best method is bidding to sell, but the flow of high price, is not recommended. Then wait for the buyer to contact you. Advertising words written better, some functions, after-sales perfect, but still very easy to do.

if you sell products, there is no traffic, it can also go to these high traffic places to attract its traffic. There is of course some skills, such as forums, a lot of friends love with software group some posted to the forum, in fact is not what, because soon it will sink to the bottom, if is a look at the ads, quickly deleted by the administrator. Here you can choose only a few forums, medium flow, not too high, then find a mass software, the functions of this software is that you only send this in several forums, of course can also be added, made after a period of time, every time I posted, is certainly in a different account, this effect will be much better than the number, quality advantage.

I began to contact Wangzhuan from 04, and stay at home online. Begin to see here to discuss a master Wangzhuan topic, see people say today also received a number of how many knife knife, the heart envy ah. From the beginning, set foot on this difficult path of wangzhuan.

during this period, in a "China Adsense" and "advertising" forum, saw some known as "monthly earned thousands of knives, Wan Dao" >!

, like many people, I started getting mail, surfing, and the like. Remember there was a tool, called PE, automatic point mail, after seeing very excited, count yourself, register hundreds of mail stations, run with tools, do not pull down the assembly line, also earn a lot. At that time some devoted senior standing mail site, for example, Wangzhuan archives, international Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, pioneer, pioneer and so on the network to make money. Tired of all the mail stations are registered, running every day with PE, every day watching a little increase in the account of the money and joy. Silly enough to think that as long as the account is rich, the stationmaster must pay for it. Until one day, received a letter from the mail station: "you guys cheat don’t I know? Tell you what your cheating tool, PE, my dream you are thoroughly studied, see your account money now, you will have a surprise. Ha ha". That’s probably what it means anyway. So hurry up and look at the account. It’s -2000 dollars! It’s hot and urgent. So many days of hard work in vain, and later played for a while, the nature of network marketing things, and now in the creation of almost. Even to the home network post people. The net friend of the net was scolded, and nothing came to an end, and a penny was not earned.

today saw inMay’s post on the training course, a lot of emotion at one time. Want to come home for 4 years, has been diving Amoy things without what contribution, today I put this four years of Wangzhuan road to summarize, I hope a little inspiration to find friends are still in the dark.

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