VC says look at people look at people What kind of entrepreneur is most likely to be a super uni

I have passion for products and have a deep understanding of the industry

in addition, entrepreneurs can not be a spectator of the field and industry, can not be an armchair, and lack of understanding of the industry "outsiders."".

two, ambitious, wolf

entrepreneurial motivation is the initial indicator of venture capitalists. Entrepreneurship is for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, or really want to do some money and fame and fortune, to make the world a better thing, spiritual temperament and height to achieve is entirely different. An entrepreneur’s passion for the product, his commitment to what he wants, and his obsession with success is the ability to infect a team.

investors think about how to throw a unicorn every day, and how to judge a founder’s chances of winning. Before you know who you are, what type of entrepreneur is most likely to grow into a super unicorn in the VC’s judgment model?

PPTV intends to content resources sharing — as long as the TV hardware manufacturers implanted PPTV PPOS operating system, basic content or pre APK to use PPTV, users can see PPTV in various brands of tv.

, in which the super and AFC Champions, are pleased to see the Department, the company into the capital chain crisis since, PPTV from music as sports hands "cut Hu."".

of course, having wolves and daring to fight is never a rash. It is a combination of courage and wisdom.

seven is not large but do, golden laws and precious rules, from the unicorn will last step:

, about forty million TV sets a year should have the PPTV content, and that’s what we’re going to do."

many entrepreneurs are too weak and soft, and they lack the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. To become a CEO, to lead the team in the fierce competition in the market to blaze a new trail, there must be a wolf, dare to enter the market to compete with others for, dare to fight in the melee in the rapid occupation of the market.

PPTV intelligent Hard Suits Inc,

Abstract: the first line of investors are saying: "investment, looking at trends and looking at things, the most important thing is people, CEO, team."". In the final analysis, the success of the business still depends on the person who is doing it. The entrepreneur’s ability to catch the wind outside is the key to bringing up the $one billion unicorn and the super unicorn.

are you going to have a profound understanding and insight into the market, the market positioning of their products is very clear — the clear trend, the market clearly the current market forms, existing competitors, the user generally needs to solve the user pain points, and on this basis to adjust their product function, improve product frame.

Su ningyun group vice president Gu Wei introduced, PPTV has won the La Liga, Premier League, Super League, AFC Champions League, UFC and WWE fighting games hot sports content media copyright, the value of more than ten billion.

questioned whether the PPTV will take the same old way of music sports, and pay high copyright fees and difficult to cash when, PPTV took out another strategy.

entrepreneurs desire for success and the internal driving force is something premise from the heart want to do what he is doing is made, using a variety of methods to achieve victory in the competition, and the challenges in the face of very tough and persistent.

June 6th, Suning Holdings Group Co., Ltd.’s PPTV smart Hard Suits Inc released the new smart TV operating system PPOS 4.3 and smart TV new N55. PPTV’s operating system and content resources seem to be its ambitions compared to hardware.

music is still in financial difficulties, once the pursuers are to attack.


Yin Yuan, vice president of

PPTV is in the increasingly rich content advantage sports events, according to the surging news reporter, Suning also recently made an organizational structure adjustment, including the PPTV intelligent hardware from Su Ningwen allocated to Suning sports.

from another perspective, PPTV has received more viewers, users only pay high copyright fees after the ad and all commercial basic.

excellent strategic observation can help you choose the track and industry. You can see new opportunities in this industry chain, other people do not see the market demand, and find a good way to cut into this market, it means that you have a more successful possibility than others. Once you find yourself wasting resources and experiences in the wrong direction, don’t be persistent and stop quickly

three, accurate judgment,

, which is often compared with the "PPTV", "friends", "music as the formation of >"

PPTV vice president of Hard Suits Inc Yin Yuan intelligent operating system using PC Windows and PC surface products of the Microsoft Corp, to describe the PPTV smart TV operating system and TV products, pricing 5000 yuan level PPTV TV, will shrink in the high-end product line to understand the user and hardware manufacturers also set aside space ecology, and vendors.

"is to do Internet users, hardware is one of the means to obtain the user’s television for sale must be the most slow, so our approach is to make the platform to use a variety of forms to do to get users." Yin Yuan said, "my content as a premium way, with the hardware vendors stand together."."

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