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network divination hot, so that entrepreneurs are jealous. Compared to other Internet segments of burn subsidies, innovation difficulties, manpower / resources / technology and other higher costs, in micro-blog play online divination naturally seem relatively simple. Not only is very suitable for business just reached the Internet early, but also for the traditional media practitioners for many years.

at the end of October in a movie webmaster group have a webmaster said his more than 1000 advertising words can make money 50 yuan a week, then think of what window bomb advertising alliance is really so good? And many owners do show their sh419 union advertising effect there are hundreds of dollars a day, his station traffic is not much, I think it also try a pop-up ads. But I began to see the 52tian play a 37cs ad, but there are a few customers are doing, that should be good, should have the credibility to me where they apply for an account, find a customer account audit, audit she is diligent, asked me how I said there are about more than 1000 IP well, I think they said the flow of small, I do not do that, alas, to hear those words really helpless people, no gas station small fame, but ah, is probably the famous League, I look down on this site, I don’t bird you, never hard to explain what the meaning of the scalp

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and Admin5 to find pop alliance, see network media for a first day of advertising when the animation station all the play page put the pop-up ads, see 200 times to 2 times the settlement began, do not know what it meant, then they told me to change the ordinary bomb window effect a little bit better the 200 time around 60, the first 2 dollars, "lucky" my website is finally beginning to make money. OMG, two dollars are enough to pay the fee, then throw a think of more than one vote not to hear the song music station, began almost 5 a day, thinking anyway, garbage station 2000 to IP on advertising is useless, day 5 is also good, a there can also be one hundred or two hundred months. Finally did more than 10 days to do 50 dollars, thought it was waiting for 50 dollars, 07 years to the bank card, there is no income, advertising on the network, >

although superstition is undesirable, it does not prevent people from calculating their character, future, career, marriage, etc. in a playful manner through various patterns. With the spread of western culture, the original horoscope used in the horoscope, the zodiac, the name, the palm print, the face and so on, joined the constellation, tarot, blood type and other new elements. And the integration of Internet genes, so that divination presents more forms. Not only more convenient and fast, but also added many entertainment characteristics.

Abstract: the characteristics of low risk and high profitability of Internet divination have been recognized by entrepreneurs, and are likely to become the next venture opening. Although the current competition is more intense, but only in WeChat, micro-blog on the force, and the shape is more primitive, there is great potential to dig.

since 07 years the mortal music transfer to 9ku after almost do not want to do a personal website, only when the usual work will often visit figure King Admin5 and fish im286, to see a lot of new advertising alliance in the above, usually do not see how long do those ads there will be a lot of complaints such as posts! In now advertising environment a lot.

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divination into a new hot spot Internet WeChat, micro-blog! Into Raidi

can be said that micro-blog and WeChat with its easy to spread characteristics and provide the best soil for the growing network of divination. As the two become part of the most important channel for people to gain information and seek entertainment, online divination will be further developed.

? fermentation

a few months this feel that the company did not pay much attention to yourself at work, more time in Admin5 and im286 around, and in August when Marx maxcms to update the new version, the function is all I want, and the site of the idea, thinking of his original and crust animation stand in hanging on the company’s servers, and there are one thousand hundreds of IP, then MAXCMS is set up to be updated, but the change is changed for almost a month to complete the revision of an animation stand. The original every day in sh419 Post Bar in drainage to keep abreast of

or a new venture entrepreneurs eager for a fight

and previously let a person feel not mind, appear professional, but the page is very crude divination site is different, the current hot online divination live in WeChat, micro-blog and other new media platform. Compared to the 1 age represented by the website of divination, WeChat and micro-blog’s divination fully evolved to the 3 age, and compared with the rigid and rigid divination methods, WeChat and micro-blog divination are more personalized and humane. Often the content of the divination to attract more users of essays, pictures, videos, cartoons and other forms of display, and show a more diversified situation.

At present, micro-blog WeChat

public demand for online divination and enthusiastic, gave birth to the current upsurge of online divination. And smell sensitive entrepreneurs come naturally, have entrenched in micro-blog, WeChat, in the network divination level force. Well, can online divination be the next outlet,

outletIn micro-blog, WeChat



become the hot network divination divination fermentation, gather huge amounts of users. On micro-blog, there are tens of millions of fans related to horoscopes, tarot cards, blood type and so on. The energy is so great that it makes people dumbfounded. And WeChat and divination related public number also has many fans, and its push divination related articles reading quantity is often tens of thousands or even higher.

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