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, "there are users, there is a business model," 8 years before the growth of users." Mito chairman Cai Wensheng said, he did not worry about the future commercialization of Mito, and Mito business model will be from advertising, electricity providers, short video and hardware products come from four aspects. Earlier, Mito was questioned as a single income, while Mito listed closed at HK $8.5 the same day, compared to the issue price, did not rise or fall.

the past two days, Cai Wensheng brilliance.

in December 15th, Mito listed in Hongkong, becoming the HKEx’s largest Internet technology company in nearly 10 years. In the day before the listing, he won the special award for the annual entrepreneur who was awarded the "dark horse"". Unable to extricate themselves, Cai Wensheng recorded a special award-winning video, referring to the significance of the United States listed on the map, select the listing in Hongkong is an ice breaking tour."

published in the prospectus after the United States, one of the queries and rumors, Mito loss limit reached about 6000000000 yuan. Yan Jinliang also made clear the communication in the media conference, said the about 5000000000 is mainly because the accounting result is preferred, the fair value changes after the listing, all of the preferred shares will become common stock, "this loss will not exist in 2017".

2, keyword matching or matching

example: if a word conversion rate is 10%, this is a very high conversion, but if the goods transforming profit is very low, you may spend 100 dollars to the cost of advertising, brought into the 10 times, but each time the transformation and not profit 10 dollars, that in the word, you are actually losing money, so the word conversion rate is not worth the same delivery. On the contrary, it is possible that the conversion of a word is only 1%, but it is this transformation that can bring a great deal of profit, far exceeding the consumption of clicks, and this word is more worth putting on. Therefore, the conversion rate is not the only reference for keyword selection. It should be taken into consideration in order to make profit for the ultimate purpose.

Mito founder Wu Xinhong elaborated on the future of the United States three major strategies: platform, internationalization, commercialization, fully tap the huge potential of huge user liquidity". At the same time, Mito has been in the field of artificial intelligence, AR and other layout.

, but after the media questioned, massive users temporarily did not bring too much revenue to Mito, according to its prospectus disclosure, Mito 95% revenue is achieved by selling mobile phones.

in the last keyword, it will let us choose whether accurate matching or extensive matching?. Precise matching means that when users search keywords only completely consistent with it, will be demonstrated, and extensive, is that users to search the contents of this contains your keywords, might be shown in the operation of the process, found a key word is used widely, in time, creative advertising which contains the user search keywords will be displayed. For a keyword, whether to use precise matching or extensive matching, the author’s advice is this: popular keywords with precise matching; long tail keywords do extensive matching.

CFO Jinliang Mito Yan also said that "it might say Mito commercial does not do it, but you can see the 2016 1-9 month Mito income of 1 billion 200 million, while in 2013 only 86 million, the growth rate is very fast."

Mito before listing 3 rounds of financing totaling $360 million, Cai Wensheng bluntly, Mito foreign disclosure of financing data without any moisture. In the last round of financing, Cai Wensheng holdings of 38.6%, Mito CEO Wu Xinhong holdings of 15.6%, two people hold more than 50% of the U.S. equity company, Mito core employees hold 3.2% of the shares. After the listing, Cai Wensheng, Wu Xinhong and other people who act together hold

this is a lot of people are in a mistake, in selecting the keyword delivery time, a lot of people are taking into account only the conversion rate, the first seems to have what problem, high conversion words certainly should increase efforts to put into the low rate of words but also not worth to put. However, this consideration is one-sided, and a very important factor is the profits of the goods.

1, keyword selection, not just look at the conversion rate of

Sem advertising is a PPC search engine provides advertising, you can say it is the most effective kind of advertising channels, can quickly bring to the site of massive traffic, but at the same time it brings the consumption is very large, some of the words, by one click may spend a few blocks money. So if you are going to do Sem advertising, you may need to do a lot of data analysis and practical reference work. In the past year, I have been in charge of the company Sem advertising, in the actual operation of the process, found that some places are very easily overlooked, but these places under consideration may lead you advertising output ratio decreased. Here also summarizes the Sem advertising 3 notes, for reference:

popular words, the competition on Sem ads will also be more intense, and if you use a wide range of matches, you may be spending a higher click list

this is the sixteenth year Cai Wensheng venture, the first 8 years began in 2000 with the creation of 265, the company was sold to shlf1314; second Mito 8 years beginning in 2008, this software through facial features captured a large number of ladies. 8 years, Mito from a tool to the platform, from software to hardware, the number of users over 1 billion, becoming a comprehensive mobile Internet Co.

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