The gold stand novice SkyDrive money may soon give up


money is nothing more than the model, are all similar operating practices. However, most of the new higher in SkyDrive money, will soon give up.

promotion can be difficult


high lower, patience is the typical novice. SkyDrive is the most taboo is the two. Early in the search for resources and promote the dissemination of resources, no patience and perseverance can not do. Find the resources, but also to study the rules of the forum. Now there are a lot of restrictions on the forum, for example, when the novice just registered, reply to the amount needed to achieve the number of posts can be issued, or how many forums should be able to achieve the level of the chain. And a lot of novice no patience to slow business, they want to be able to immediately release resources, enjoy the promotion of the forum. It can be very clear to tell you that there is no such resources, there are some words, it will not last, the amount of downloads will not be large. You think about it, a forum if you can allow members to promote their own resources, then the forum is not far away from the advertising diffuse days, absolutely can not survive long.

to promote resources or to the forum to promote, then I actually want to release the resources can be strictly, so that the competition will be less, the forum will be lasting.

resources need to constantly screening, testing

promotion forum resources are actually very good, the trouble is we want to continue testing, screening. To find some SkyDrive forums, in fact as long as the SkyDrive search download, general forum allows SkyDrive to download it, have defined the keyword or engage in a special classification. We need to choose from the search results, further screening, do not you do not flow; this forum discussed the content not utterly ignorant of. Note that the rules of the forum, a test of the times, in line with our forum to promote resources.

forum is actually the best choice to promote

Forum promotion actually is the best choice for SkyDrive promotion, I do not deny that the self download station or the station resources, the effect will be better. However, the 1 new sites to do 1 days have thousands of downloads. That is, to achieve more than 1W IP, conversion rate of 10%, which is a very objective number. At least 2 to 3 months to operate. Unless you are operating XX station is likely to have a large number of downloads in a short time.


forum is different, compared to calls we believe the time and effort, I think the novice do SkyDrive make money, Forum promotion is the best choice. Forum to promote the inherent advantages, we do not have to operate, there is a lot of traffic itself.

promotion in the forum, the most taboo is the blind promotion. You have to set your own direction, is to choose to specialize in software download, or video download, or other.

for example

we’ll take the download site for this. Download ring for the people to do a SkyDrive, is not.

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