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"we start early is to start in Huilongguan houses, although only 5 employees, but nearly 20000 yuan a month wages is still a headache, the most sad, my bank card is less than the balance of 3000 yuan, no way, in order to collect staff wages only to borrow." At that time, although there are a lot of Jinshan old friend lent a helping hand to him, but Zhang Fumao knew that with borrowed money wages, it is not a permanent solution.

recently, the Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying that on Friday, Mito company has formally submitted IPO application to the HKEx, intends to finance 500 million to 1 billion dollars, it is expected that the listing is the fourth quarter of this year.

, like most entrepreneurs, looking for funding to keep the company running was the biggest headache for Zhang Fumao at the time.

is limited by the periodicity of its products

Mito listed is not a secret, and by the end of 2014, another game company Cai Wensheng listed on the relevant information has already flowed out.

as early as April this year, the upcoming listing of Mito news has been disclosed on the network. The map has completed a new round of financing, valuation of $3 billion 800 million after financing, tiger fund holdings of 11%, holding 9% IDG, Qiming venture capital holdings 7%, Huaxia Fund Holdings 7%, Innovation workshop held 3.8%, Foxconn holding 1.7% strategic investors. Cai Wensheng and Wu Xinhong held 38.6% and 15.6% respectively, while the core employees held 3.2% of the shares.

listed earlier wandering holding renowned high priced games shares, priced at HK $51, the highest reached HK $73.95, market capitalization of more than $9 billion 300 million. But these have been wandering holding history. Page tour started its transformation in the past two years, the plan to enter hand travel has little effect. The same as last Friday, wandering holdings share price has dropped to HK $9.89 per share, market capitalization has shrunk to 1 billion 360 million Hong Kong dollars.

September 2007 Zhang Fumao had a number of titles, including Kingsoft Corp, marketing operations for the Sina iGame marketing and operations director, and he is the SONY PS2 software agent Chinese District Xuanming company responsible for channel planning business.

in September of this year, he founded a company of his own, named Beijing Ranger Network Information Technology Co., Ltd., the name was not until January 2009 was replaced by "valley of the game".

the morning of May 12, 2009 11, Zhang Fumao has just ushered in the best wishes for your new home alone in his big new office, looking down from 12 storeys high, the crowd outside the window look, streams of people busily coming and going, parking lot and Wudaokou distance is also faintly visible. He walked down the window to his desk and began to wonder when web games could achieve billions of dollars in revenue.

Mito M6 mobile

The term "

life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get." There seems to be no better line than Zhang Fumao in the movie "Agam" to describe the situation of drama.

was struggling to make a living for the company, a mysterious phone call changed the fate of the entrepreneurial team. Was driving Zhang Fumao received a grand network of Human Resources Department of the phone, the other content is asking him to join the club, because he had started, he declined after the other did not care too much about this thing. Unexpectedly, a month later, he received a call from Shanda, which was different from the previous one, calling him not the Ministry of human resources, but the 18 plan

mysterious phone calls to change destiny


if the listing is successful, the MiTo company will become Cai Wensheng’s first three companies listed in Hong Kong, the other two are wandering holdings and technology. However, the performance of these two companies is not satisfactory.

2008, Cai Wensheng and Wu Xinhong co founded the Xiamen Mito Network Technology Co., Ltd., which is the predecessor of mito. It’s currently has a series of pictures to beautify the software and video app, including Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera, self timer, beauty shot, beauty camera and other App Store in Chinese perennial occupy the top position of photography and video applications. According to earlier data provided by Mito, mobile terminals from the global coverage of more than 1 billion devices.

as an entrepreneur, although not Zhang Fumao but belong to the Everything is going smoothly., a group of people are lucky, through 2 years of hard work, he has a size of more than 200 of the company, the office also initially moved into the houses near Wudaokou expensive office, though, Zhang Fumao still thinks of itself don’t have the courage to go through such a return to entrepreneurship.

which, by "defend Radish" technology in the famous Cai Wensheng trader, five months after the establishment of from Xiamen and Mobile Games halo game developer kero world merger in December 2014, landing in Hong Kong, the issue price of 2.2 Hong Kong dollars per share, the market value of about 3 billion 500 million Hong Kong dollars. As of last Friday, the price of flying fish technology, which lacks successful follow-up, has fallen to HK $1.37, or HK $2 billion 150 million, compared with HK $1 billion 350 million at the beginning of the listing.


entrepreneurship" has some aura for most ordinary people, but it can only be described as "thrilling" to Zhang Fumao, who is a member of the entrepreneur.

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